I’m not a bad blogger I swear. Wait, I guess a swearing blogger ain’t exactly good either but you know what I mean right?!

This assimilating to two jobs has been tough, not that I haven’t done it before just that I’ve usually had them so that they follow up on each other whereas I’m now juggling xyz days at one and then abc days at the other so trying to remember which day and time is where gets my head into a bit of a spin so I’ve pretty much neglected my little slice of the internet as well as A LOT of other aspects of my life BUT I’m starting to get the hang of it and hopefully by next week I’ll have it waxed.

To top that off I’ve still got the meds adjustments as well as a really sick lil minion which hasn’t been any fun at all.

See you soon and spam you with some random and some interesting facts. aaaaaaaannd…. Friday I have a FANTASTIC hold your breath cross everything you can kinda giveaway coming up… so keep an eye out here. You REALLY don’t want to miss it. I promise ;)

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