happy vegan

Today was one of the most easy days in a while seeing as Fysh has been ridiculously ill this week and with juggling two jobs, the month end stuffs AND him not being at school it’s been tough but this morning he was dropped off at school and granny said she’d fetch him in the afternoon so this momma got a little time to herself  :)

And what did she do with that time? Went to scope out the new vegan hotspot in town of course…

Plant Cafe is in the Urban Hub building on Buitengragt street in the CBD, it’s a little hard to spot but you’ll see it I promise.
The staff are bounce about and friendly, no they don’t look like the stereotypical dreadlock sporting hippies that people seem to think are what vegans look like but they’re vibey and full of good energies. When we got there it was just the staff and us but shortly after another gentleman came in as well and just as soon as we’d finished up gorging on the ahMAZing food the place got really packed.

The menu… my oh my that menu… 

I don’t think you really know what it’s like being a vegan in a place that doesn’t really cater for you well. Yes shops have things for vegetarians and so on but you must remember that vegan means absolutely NO animal products or byproducts. It’s a lifestyle choice I know but it would be nice for people to actually recognize it considering more and more people are deciding it’s a path they’re going to take. Which is probably why Plant opened up in the first place.

Anyway, I’m losing track here > If there was ever that cheesy heavenly light and angels choir moment it was when I looked at that menu and could pick anything off of it without first having to worry about what they use and if it’s vegan friendly. One of the waiters (though I think she might have been a manager) suggested that I have the “chocmint smoothie” when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to drink with my quinoa salad – it was delicious!plant smoothie and salad

A “vegan meat-eater” was with me (he doesn’t do the dairy and so on but won’t give up meat) and even he loved it there. He was actually the one who convinced me that we “needed” to try the cheese cake out and then grab a take away cupcake.plant desert

All in all I’d say that even if you aren’t a vegan but you’re in the mother city then you really should go pop in and give them a little loves and support ♥


7 thoughts on “happy vegan

  1. Oh man do I know that feeling! It’d be so nice to just be able to go to a restaurant and know I could eat something there. Also the disrespect I get sometimes when I say I’m vegan….but then, those times at a vegan restaurant when the whole menu is available to me. Those are wonderful times.

  2. It’s really great that there are more and more vegan options available and it’s wonderful to have a whole menu to choose from. But I must admit I wasn’t blown away by the food at Plant. Everything sounded so interesting, but the breakfast wrap and toastie were just ok. Not bad, just not as good as I was expecting from the descriptions.

    • i think my main happiness was that i could walk in there and eat anything without a worry. the food i did have was similar to what i make at home so i get the flat feeling towards it but i think it’s because as a vegan you’ve got to be creative with your cooking whereas omnovores don’t so eating out for them is a real wow

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