Isn’t it funny how things work? How one random tweet can lead to a great friendship?

Well thanks to said tweet last year I am able to write this post and offer up this freaking amazing “once in a lifetime experience” kind of giveaway (well for those of you who are in the cape town area at least) brought to you by one of my favourite wine farms. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the farm, sneak into main buildings, hear the sordid history and enjoy the “fruits of their labour” this past year. Even Fysh has enjoyed it and keeps asking me when we can go back to “the dark place” < they have the original storage/fermentation tanks still there and he loved it.

There’s a lot more to wine than simply going to the shop and picking a bottle off the shelf! From harvesting and the shell shedding bits to the pressing and storing (and a lot of other details that I can’t remember) and to honour this years harvest season BeauJoubert have decided that they would invite a few people to come and help them make up a special batch of wine done the old fashioned stomped/mashed/swimming style.

And because I am amazing like that I’ve arranged that 3 of you beautiful readers (and your +1’s) will be joining myself and Fysh at BeauJoubert Vineyards on March 28th for a GRAPE SWIMMING / STOMPING day! How giddy do I sound right now :P

A few highlights of the day will be:

  • harvesting the grapes by hand then stomping on them in the original vats that are STILL there and in use (on occasions such as this)
  • swimming in the grape juice (don’t fret, the alcohol actually kills off any germs or bacteria before people get to consume it)
  • a swim in the damn to wash all the juice off you (it doesn’t stain but it gets sticky)
  • a french style lunch (so try wear something vintage pretty and enjoy the beauty that is the location and view)
  • a  wine tasting that will include their exclusive (and new) bubbles range as well as their “fat pig” port (there’s a funny story as to why it’s named that)

Want to join in all the drinking, laughing and even maybe a little learning that is going to be had?
Click HERE and follow the instructions – easy as cupcakes

*** PLEASE NOTE: this is an exclusive invite only event not open to the general public so the winners’ invites are numbered to make certain that there is no chance for extra printing or ticket sharing AND unless you have an invite you will not be allowed entry.


9 thoughts on “let’s go WINE SWIMMING!

  1. While I wish I was commenting to win I would just like to say, ‘I know exactly what you mean by that one random tweet’. Since that is how our friendship started and you are an invaluable and amazing friend to me.

    Mushy crap over, thanks for being awesome!

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