cacao and hemp

i grew up with all sorts of pets; from the usual hamsters, fish, budgies, cats and dogs to rescued ravens, seagulls, little birds who’d fallen out their nests and chameleons… even now i house a rescued border collie, hedgehog and several fish.

rats were probably my favourite though so i decided that i wanted to get one or two as they make brilliant pets so long as they’re hand-reared and handled often. plus they’re one of the few animals i’m not allergic to.

we were headed to the route 44 market but got hopelessly lost – yes i’m aware that it’s ironic for someone with a yachtmasters to have such bad directional skills she gets lost in a mall – and ended up at stodels instead to get some mealworms for mr pricklesworth.

well i am now “granny” to ginger twinsies ‘hemp’ and ‘cacao’. so named as they are both the colour of powdered hemp and well, i like cacao. friend on FB laughed and pointed out that i round the bush named them ‘weed’ and ‘chocolate’ hahaha um ja… wasn’t intentional i swear.

they’re sweet and you can tell they’re used to people they like sleeping in my neck but they don’t come to me when i wan’t to hold them yet. they will evenrually though.

and just in case you were wondering – fysh is smitten :)


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