confession time

i know i’ve been extremely slack with sharing my fat 2 fit 12 week challenge results with you and i know excuses are for the lazy trying to lessen the guilt but with the effed up sleeping (more like lack there of) and hitting a plateau i got really despondant and unmotivated.

even though i tried reminding myself that i’m down 10kg’s and almost 70cms since starting the challenge 9 weeks ago i still cheated on my meal plan quite a bit which is especially bad considering the intense weight gain and diabetes risk side effects of the risperidone (new antipsychotic that was added to my cocktail last month) and just the guilt in general.

forcing myself to go to boxing tonight was the best thing i could have done for myself. the session has me feeling a lot more motivated and determined. also back reading all the comments on our whatsapp group (i pretty much muted it) about the ladiea achievements and motivations to each other has me more focused as well.

only 3 weeks left on this challenge but an entire lifetime of keeping strong and focused to maintain and never go back to where i was when i started.

so to any of you who are struggling – just push through it. find motivations you can repeat to yourself (good ones!), make a goal (i want to be able to do 5 chinups in a row without help) and remember why you started. no matter how slow you’re going you’re still lapping everyone on the sofa.


2 thoughts on “confession time

  1. Wow! Even though you might not know it or realise it you are an inspiration! Know meds cocktail can have weird side effects, stay strong and find the balance.

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