i have the sickly

i HATE being sick. very little makes me as upset as being sick and needing to be reliant on other people :(

told i’m not allowed to be at work cause no one wants my sick so i’m at home car-less (it went back to the mechanic yesterday… will explain tomorrow) but at least i have the minion with me even though he’s been in the lounge and away from me cause i don’t want him to catch it (couldn’t take him to school) and the ratties are keeping me company. PS cacao has been renamed to “scooby” according to master Fysh

hemp and scooby

supposed to make it to get some ink this afternoon. hope i can drag myself up for it. still need to bake biscuits for Fysh’s school tomorrow as well. #lesigh… the life of a mom, never a break.

but this face… and his random cuddles xxxcupcakemummy and fysh


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