secret worlds and silly stories

I’ve read a few times that results of studies show that creative and depressed people are generally those with an above average IQ. I know that when I took the test in school I scored higher and also tested with a slight learning disability (would have been nice if teachers had taken all this into consideration) and I’ve noticed that the “creative” friends I have conversations with usually make for the best conversations ever even though anyone on the outside listening in might think it sounds like nothing but nonsensical and made up crap. For example: today there was a conversation about how one would properly throw a tupperware bowl for it to travel over a 50km distance but also so as not to let it boomerang back towards you.

After years of trying to fit in to a bubble that society forces you to meld to it becomes easier to sort of notice your “differences” and even more so when you get to the point where you embrace them. So maybe us “creative minds” seem a little childlike, get lost in secret worlds and can turn anything into a silly story, but those who make comments only do so because they’re jealous they can’t see in and that they can’t find bliss and beauty in the mundane.

On a lighter note, lunch was delicious and no animals were harmed in the making of it…

mundane beauty

tools of the trade


2 thoughts on “secret worlds and silly stories

  1. I tried to teach Jensen how to throw a tupperware container correctly in order to reach maximum distance on Friday night :D

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