the #bwb take over the @bedouindeli in woodstock

Frightening how speedily time passes us by, on Saturday we had our 2nd #BWB get together which means it’s been 6 weeks since the last one already (holy purple socks on a rooster!) and it was lovely seeing all the faces behind the blogs and tweets again as well as some new ones that have joined to make up the 15 that is the Cape Town “branch”.

cape town #bwb

The deli was gorgeous and despite the food not being my lifestyle edible it looked really good and the ladies seemed to enjoy it so I’ll take their word on that but I will also not be putting strange foods into my mouth after receiving a safety go ahead from Femme Lifestyle hahahaha < I pointed out something and she said it was just spiced rice wrapped up in a leaf… a bit revealed it was pesto and that odd yogurt cheese (a napkin and plate was passed my way really quickly)

blog off

The goodie bags are always an added bonus and there aren’t always any because that’s not what it’s always about but the one that was put together for Saturday was just lovely, so many goodies in it! And as with last time momma got to pick out what she wanted as a thank you for watching master Fysh while I had a bit of kid free time with the ladies.

In our bag: Rain Africa, Hey gorgeous, Nimue, dermatologica, Ritzis chilli, bath oils, oh so heavenly cream and spray, original iced cocktails, and a heap of other goodies that I’ll be reviewing for you as I test them out.

hey gorgeous cupcake bomb

Highlight of the day for me was something rather small… Heather and Fi gave each of us 3 strips of paper and we were to write our names on the back and then pick out three ladies there to each write a small motivational something to. Then they were handed back, sorted out and slipped into our goodie bags while we were all chatting. I’d actually forgotten about them until the lipglossed ninja tagged me on instagram with a photo of one she’d written to me (it was accidentally given back to her) letting me know what she’d written.

Words are such powerful things and we should start realising that before it’s too late. So take a leaf out of the #BWB book and go tell someone something nice – let a stranger know they look good, smile at the carguard, tell your momma you love her, let your kids know how brilliant they are or compliment your sister on her beauty and intelligence. Just go out there today with the intent of saying at least one nice thing to someone you meet…


2 thoughts on “the #bwb take over the @bedouindeli in woodstock

  1. Oh Lordy , that was funny. How was I to know to know @BedouinDeli would have their own take on Dolmades ..tee hee. Good to see how quick your reflexes are though …he he he :)

    Big hugs Cupcake

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