term 1 report

In grade RR the kids apparently have actual reports sent home, I was emailed Fysh’s this one a few minutes ago and it actually has me shaking my head… seriously? THIS is what our kids are judged on?! Damnit, no wonder I hated school (though I loved the learning bit).

Some of the more bizarre things they’re scored on: standing on their toes for 15= seconds | skipping for 8 – 10 steps and alternate legs | name and surname | name of brother or sister and how many they have | sentences of 6 or more words | focus on one thing | colouring inside the lines | 

These are a few of the ones that Fysh scored a “needs help/assistance” in and looking at them I A) see a lot of myself in him and B) understand exactly why he struggles with it.

Firstly he has 3 names and a double barrel surname… to this day I still have to spell mine out in my head every single time I have to write/type it out!
He doesn’t have any siblings so how the hell is he supposed to name them? He can name all of his family though so I’m not bothered.
I fall on my face if I try skip alternate legs.
Maybe he doesn’t like talking at school but at home his sentences are so long I think he might be a vampire cause he doesn’t seem to need to breath.

I’m happy with his progress and how he’s doing and refuse to let “school standards” bother me. Looking over it again I’m not surprised every morning is met with an “I don’t want to go to school”

My boy, if you read this one day just know that despite what teachers or anyone else says I am damned proud of you and if you end up being like your momma I promise I will find a way to homeschool you so that you do not end up feeling inadequate and compared to others and their abilities. We are all different and all have different levels and time frames for learning things.

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
~ Albert Einstein


7 thoughts on “term 1 report

  1. Amen! Schooling standers here are somewhat ridiculous I agree. I am so glad to see you understand and support your precious Fysh. He is a super kid with a super Mom!

  2. I was in a remedial class when I was in Sub A which is the then equivalent of Grade R. All those physical tests (hopping, swopping legs etc) are done to check muscle tone & co-ordination. At such a young age, they can be indicative of school readiness, emotional (age appropriate) maturity and muscle tone, which can be an indicator of other issues/disorders.
    Nothing to worry about. At this age, they all need help in some area of another.

  3. It can be frightening hearing about all the things your child can’t do, but the tests are very important to identify possible areas of not just weakness (we all suck at something) but rather to spot actual learning disabilities or developmental delays. Far rather have anything dodgy identified early on so that it doesn’t affect them later on when it really matters – grade 1 up.

    If they haven’t recommended OT or psychologist assessments I wouldn’t worry! He’s a super kid, and when we chatted in CT he was quite competent lol!

  4. What a ridiculous way to assess children this young! How can you determine their ability by how many skips they can do? I work with kids between 5-10 and some kids can skip and some simply can’t, I don’t think this is going to have an impact on their future success though!

  5. I had Caleb at OT for a while but stopped when they went on about cutting with scissors and other silly stuff and said his fine motor skills were lacking.

    Really he can sit for hours, build complicated Lego, hama beads and knit! They were totally assess the wrong thing.

    He had just never really cut with scissors. Sure his first attempt was crap, but after I printed a few cutting templates out on the computer, showed him what to do, he was fine.

    Home school let’s everything happen in its own time.

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