*happy tears*

Yesterday I wrote a post on Fysh’s first term grade RR report and there were mixed feelings on it from both my readers and myself.  I’ve mentioned,as I have countless times before, that I’d love to homeschool him instead of normal school and just send him for extra mural activities so he can socialise with people his age as he prefers adult company over his age kids. He’s most definitely and old soul.

And now for the happy tears news… @whocaresinsa sent me an email saying I should have a look at brainline.com and see what I think about it. I love it and have decided that it’s what I want to do with Fysh next year (as they only start from grade R) but not sure how I’ll wing school fees as well as paying a half day nanny (for the few hours that I need to go in to work every day) but when I emailed back mentioning that I really like the course and have decided that I’m going to send Fysh one way of another she responded that he will be sponsored the syllabus for four years. FOUR YEARS!!! In her email she said she wanted to do it annonomously but she’s decided she’s too old to be someone she’s not

I can’t explain to you how happy and grateful and just everything I am, not even google can help me find the correct words to express my gratitude properly. I am officially one step closer to my dream! I still haven’t figured out work VS homeschooling yet but I have a good few months to settle in work wise and then also figure out how I’m going to swing it but I know we’ll manage. Zanzibar is still a vague possibility so this is also a blessing that ways.

PLEASE help me thank @whocaresinsa if you’re on twitter. Fysh


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