bucket list item. check!

Can you say you’ve swam in wine? As in literally up to your neck in a giant vat/pool swam in it?
Well HA!
cause I can :P

beau joubert oak laneSaturday was the LONG awaited STOMP AND SIP day at Beau Joubert which I can report was worth the wait. The event started with a hunt for the beautiful @greenlydia whom I haven’t seen in too long which was of course chorused with girlish squeals when the hunt was a success. Then it was time to walk up to a specific block of vineyards and learn something new (because what else are days for anyway). Baas told us all about finding the right coloured grapes, how to properly harvest them and then gave us a time limit to go and fill up a few crates. Those he finished up early and stood around waiting for the others were treated to a few more fun facts about how the seeds can actually tell you how ready the grapes are for picking and so on. grape harvesting

Thankfully we didn’t have to carry our crates back down and had a tractor come collect our measly pickings – not sure I see any grape harvesting careers for any of us in our futures haha. But hey, the tractor with the clouds in the background… pretty neat photo op if you ask me. cloud porn

We went from picking the grapes to learning how they are de-stemmed to stomping/swimming in them! I had the gopro with and took a smorgasbord of photos but of course it was dark and ze gopro doesn’t have a flash so I think out of the few hundred there was maybe 3 worth using *le sob*  BUT if you want to know how much fun we have… this video of momma bely-flopping into the vat so I could try take action shots sums it up rather well ;)

Once hosed off and clean-ish it was time to go and taste the fruits of the labour. Well  not the fruits of OUR labour, although… I did sit munching on a bunch of the grapes we’d picked (until a spider crawled our of them) while everyone else drank the samples so guess it works both ways. Everyone seemed to love the wine tasting and even though I don’t actually drink wine (it’s not exactly vegan friendly) it was fun chatting to the person and listening to what everyone else had to say about the wines. The story about how their wines (particularly the port) got their names were hilarious. Oh and as for that Port as well as their brand new bubbly… I would suggest you try get your name on a waiting list for some.1001923_10151983088957175_2038436696_n

Lunch was buffet style but my lifestyle meant that I hogged all the veggies I could find and the decoration grapes. PS never ever grab decoration grapes when you’re on a wine farm – they are delicious and the sweetest you’ll ever have BUT they house a bunch of little critters and will most probably have you skidding your seat backwards and shrieking like a girl when a spider ambles his way out to see who’s playing wreck it ralph on his homestead.

We even found a little snake (well by we I mean Annette).




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