a lot can happen in 12 weeks

There are all those motivational pictures spread out over the web saying things like “a year from now you’ll wish you’d started today” or “yesterday you said tomorrow” and so on. Well I’ve gone and proven to myself how damn true those things are (but in a positive way) and just how much you can actually accomplish in a mere 12 weeks.

Today ends my A New Weigh 12 week fat to fit challenge (feel like I started last month!) so we’re all doing our final weigh-in’s and photos, making collages of then and now as well as tallying up our total losses between start and finish.

I’m going to be brave here and share my loss as well as my *cringe* before and after photos. Excuse the mismatched undies in the first photo, I promise they usually match! Also I didn’t own a bikini then else I would have worn it instead.

Anyway… here goes… *hides behind fingers*


start VS finish front


start vs finish side


total loss

I struggle to see the difference but looking at the numbers I know that there must be some so I’m going to chalk it up to bad body issues and self confidence problems. Though posting these here is one step closer right?
In the general sense I am feeling healthier, a little more confident and my skin has cleared up. Though I know that I put in a heap of effort, determination and self control a huge portion is thanks to A New Weigh and the group of amazing ladies who took part in the challenge as they were the best motivators and cheerleaders you could ask for.

This isn’t my goal just yet; I have a few more kg’s and a whole lot more boxing sessions to go but hell… I’m so much closer now than what I was 12 weeks ago!!!

So not to do the whole cliché thing and what not but seriously… talking about it doesn’t help you lose weight. Get up and go do it because 12 weeks from now you’d wish you’d listened to me today.


11 thoughts on “a lot can happen in 12 weeks

  1. OH



    You were absolutely gorgeous before, but you are a SERIOUS MILF! What a figure, what a body!

    Congratulations on a fantastic result! Your dedication, determination and perseverance has most definitely shown itself!!!

  2. Wow congrats! It’s amazing to really notice a difference after such a small amount of time! It’s really noticeable in those side on pictures! You’re really brave for posting your photos!

  3. Awesome! Though you looked good to start with. I have 1 month to get my ass into some sort of shape for Afrikaburn so thanks for the motivation.

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