The R44 market

First time heading to the R44 market and it reminded me a lot of a giant version of the Biscuit Mill market but better cause there is a little more space to move around where as at the Biscuit Mill you’re so squished and bumped and poked that it’s actually unpleasant (reason I only went once) there’s also a space marked out for the kids to play which means the adults can go get their beer and foods or whatever then sit down and the kids can attack the junglegym, swings and jumping castle.

I paint a pretty picture there but that’s not what happened with Fysh as “The Person’s” cousin made the ultimate mistake ever by playing hotwheels with Fysh the evening before – instant friend for life. I’ve been feeling extremely “not here” the past few days and keep zoning out big time so was sort of grateful that he didn’t seem to mind his new shadow, or if he did he didn’t complain out loud at least. And of course to “The Person” for the treat of a day out there and who actually puts up with the strange zoning out.

Maybe when I feel better I’ll make a plan to go back because even from a haze I know it’s great and definitely something you can add to your to-do list if you’re struggling to decide on something to head out and do. Oh and the food… mmm… eggplant burger in my tummy!eggplant burger


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