bloggers invade a Rain forest

Not a rain forest as in an actual one, but a forest none the less. We (a bunch of bloggers) got in our vehicles and missioned 2 1/2 hours away from our pretty little city all the way out past Hermanus to the a rare South African forest jewel with ancient tree specimens of over 1000 years of age. Platbos forest is Africa’s southern most forest and is composed of tree species that characterize afromontane forests as well as those found in coastal milkwood thickets.

Why did we go all the way there and on a weekday to boot? Because we were invited by Rain. Rain is a South African company that makes and stocks the most amazing soaps, creams, hair masks, tree mists etc which are all enviromentally friendly as well as handmade. The reason for going specifically out to the forest instead of just going somewhere nearby is because one of the products they stock is actually made by the lady who owns the Platbos forest.

It was such a lovely day, we were treated to a walk through the forest (it’s been proven that a walk in the forest lowers blood pressure and relieves stress, anxiety and all round has a calming effect) where Melissa stopped every so often to tell us about the specific tree species and how they grow, survive the too hot climate etc. We learnt about stinkwood trees, hard peach trees, milkwoods, bush olive, saffron wood and more. Unfortunately our walk was cut short when we reached the labyrinth as we were attacked by a hive of bees (a few of the ladies were stung and one even on her eyelid!) But after there was enough distance between us and the bees and everyone was well iced and so on it was actually kinda funny. Never a dull moment when you put a bunch of bloggers together!


After our bit of spontaneous exercise we had a buffet lunch served in eco friendly containers (all the cups, bowls, cutlery and so on was eco friendly!) with some juice or water or in my case water and NAARTJIES! Before and after lunch there were amazing spot “prizes” that were drawn which made it fun and to top it off we were spoiled with a great little goodie bag – my Rain collection is growing and I love it :D

Our 5/6 hour drive wasn’t uneventful at all though… there is a bit of a dirt road strip once you near the forest and somewhere along it a stone seemed to have gotten itself lodge in my break pads (not sure what you call it so we’ll go with that) and every time I braked you heard a grating sound. Somewhere on the way home the car felt like it burst a tire and I think my heart literally stopped for a few seconds but after that the brakes were absolutely fine and soundless so we figured that it was probably the “kidney stone” as we’d dubbed it expelling itself. Still not greatest experience but my roadtrip buddies and I did have a bit of a laugh.

Like I said… a bunch of bloggers together NEVER leaves for a dull or uneventful day.


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