this isn’t autumn

I’m pretty sure that we’re supposed to be in autumn already aren’t we? We have to be, my birthday is only two and a bit weeks away (yay) so we should be… But it would seem that yet again Cape Town missed the weather memo. Nothing new there.

So Fysh and I headed off to the beach for a few minutes of fun in the sun. At least it’s not proper summer heat, the mid season sun is so much better than the summer sun. And yes there’s a difference. But he loved it and was very soon wave jumping, running up and down the sandy slopes and throwing “snowballs” at momma which is what counts, always.

The rats came with us, they’ve settled in nicely now and the moment you’re near their cage they run up and want to come out so I decided that perhaps we should see what they’re like on an outing and they were so good even though they attracted a few looks and people pointing but they behaved. When we got to the beach though they took one look at the sand and decided oh hell no so they stayed in my shirt the whole time hahahahaha

table mountain


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