damn student sailors

This morning I got a call from work – yes I unfortunately have to answer the phone when work calls but thankfully they only call in emergency else they whatsapp instead – asking saying pleading that I head on down to Langebaan to fetch 2 of the students cause the boat is staying therefor the YMEP and they have no way of getting back otherwise.

So on my day off, on a public holiday no less, I cancelled my psychology tattoo appointment, dropped Fysh off at granny and headed on up the coast.

I generally enjoy a roadtrip (so long as it’s with good company) but the west coast road had me a little lup biting and nail chewing nervous seeing as the last time I drove it was when my car effed out and left me with 18k worth of repairs… and at least last time I had Shamus with me.


Arrived a little early (like 2 hours early) so I decided to go pay @EmyDiesel a visit in paternoster :) She gave me the cutest damn cake topper for the vegan easter cake I have planned!

The sailors were supposed to be ready for pick-up at 2 and yeah… I should have known better.


Not only are they late but there’s chaos between one of the guys staying behind to do his yachtmaster practical and the mile building instructor. Well more like the student was the one with the issue so I had to put on my stern mom voice laced understanding and a tinge of bitch. Apparently it worked cause an hour later the instructor messaged me saying a big thank you as my lecture had worked.

3 sailors instead of 2 and each with a weeks luggage in my tiny tata… coming home was interestingly draining but the good news is my car made it no worries yay :P

And even better news?! Tomorrow momma, brother, Fysh and I head to Spier wine farm for some media spoils and pampering and an easter egg hunt on Sunday wooohooo!


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