best vegan cake

Decided to try make my favourite cake/cupcake recipe a vegan one and what a success!!! It came out a little heavier than the original recipe but it went down really well with everyone and it works perfectly for both a cake and for cupcakes.
Not gluten free but I’m sure you could make it one if you wanted to.

• 500ml cake flour
• 15ml baking powder
• 2.5ml salt
• 310ml sugar (I used agave to taste)
• 3 eggs seperated (I use the no egg replacement from orgran)
• 125ml vegetable oil
• 5ml vanilla essence or grated orange rind or whatever flavour you prefer adding to it
• 125ml water or orange juice

Mix up all the ingredients and put it in the oven for about 25 minutes. Check them though, I found the cake needed to go in for almost 40 minutes. Let cool and decorate as you please. TADA!
You can also make it chocolate by adding some cocoa but remember to up the liquid just a little if you do.

vegan cake

credit for the bunny goes to @EmyDiesel



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