A-Z of the birthday roadtrip

Apples – fresh farm apples!
Accents – so many different accents heard at the backpackers
Assholes – far too many of them on the road
Art – got so much drawing done, forest settings and chilled vibes makes for great inspiration

Burgers – some of the best burgers at the most random little places. The chickpea burger at Zucchini between Wilderness and Sedgefield is a must
Baboti – the backpackers made us a special vegan baboti that was so divine I completely over-indulged

Cape Town – our start and end point
Coffee – The Person’s need for good coffee is too funny
Cafuné – (v.) to run your fingers through a lovers hair

Diesel – 1 tank (37l) from Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay…
Dairy – a vegan and a lactose intolerant having breakfast at a dairy, sounds like the start of a joke
Deer – saw a herd on our horseback trail
Doodling – lots of it done

Euphoria – reaching our breath-taking destination after 6 hours of driving
Erotic – use your imagination
Eco toilet – the basin is part of the loo, actually pretty clever and water sparing

Friendly foreigners – best part of a hippy backpackers is how friendly everyone is, even at 6 in the morning you’re greeted with a smile
Ferly – (n.) wonderfully strange
Fifth gear – stupid gear keeps slipping out for some reason
Faeries – no doubt they exist when you’re in a setting like that
Forest – green, calm, fresh and quiet

Gemstones – got the most beautiful crystal necklace
Green – so many shades of it
Growth – i did a lot of growing as a soul, learnt a lot about myself
Granny – fysh stayed at granny all weekend so I could enjoy the weekend with just the Person and I

Hog hollow – where we went horseback riding
Horse trail – we were meant to go for a 2 hour ride but because of all the rain there was too much mud so we did he 1 hour trail but the views were amazing none the less. although… we nded up with a guide who did not stop talking and thats no exageration
Hike – we went for a “walk” through the tsitsikamma forest which turned out to be a rather tough hike up a mountain

Insects – an odd lack of them, not complaining though
Icycles – what our digits were most of the time
Inspired – this weekend inspired me to persue and work harder towards a dream I’ve had for quite some time

Jasmine-ish – found strange large flowers that looked and smelled like over-sized jasmine
Jackets – I wore three at the same time at one stage. it was that cold

Km’s – we did 1225.7km’s over a 4 day period :)
Kisses – stolen moments with The Person make me smile
Komomebi – (n.) the way sunlight filters through the trees

Lentils – lentil soup, lentil baboti… dinner this weekend was so good
Lactose free – no dairy for The Person

Magic forest – there’s a hike at the backpackers named the magic forest and walking it in the afternoon when that warm light filters through the trees makes it even more magical
Mushrooms – did you know they’re actually the fruit of the mycelium (sp) plant?

Nature’s valley – the little valley we spent the weekend in

Orbs – felt so many around
Ouch – how our bottoms felt the day after the horse trail :P

Potjie and pap – a Saturday tradition at the backpackers. the veg potjie was SO yummy
Pork belly – what we drove to the peppercorn mill for especially cause The Person *needed* it haha
Plettenberg bay – where we stopped for lunch on the drive there
Permaculture – still a lot to learn about it but had many enlightening conversations about it this weekend

Queen of hearts – played cards with Candians who quite their job to do a 4/5 month tour of africa on our last night there

Rollies – The Person only smokes rollies and I got to attempt rolling my very first one this weekend (I didn’t smoke it)
River – a few times I nearly slipped and fell into one but the sound of a running river is beautiful
Rooibos – my constant companion, pretty sure I nearly OD’d on tea
Rooster – was damn close to killing the noisy bugger
Rummikub – sat playing games the last night there :)
Rain – it came POURING down on Saturday, so beautiful and refreshing

Safari tent – the tent we stayed in, there were even real beds in it
Sunrise – we woke up early on Monday to watch the dawn break and the sun rise on my birthday

The crags – Nature’s alley is in The Crags. A place you have to put on your bucket list
Tsitsikamma – go there
Tree house – I want one!

Universe – it knows what you need, who you need and when you need them
Upcycling – there is SO much you can do with the “junk” you think no mind about throwing away. saw so many beautiful things upcycled this weekend

Vegan – not easy being one when you go places

Waterfall – didn’t do the main waterfall hike (next time) but saw so many little ones
Weed – strange but funny, The Person found a weed plant merrily growing outside the restaurant we had lunch at in Plett
Wild Spirit – a place you HAVE to make a plan to go to. I will go back
Walk – so much walking done, felt so good


Yellow wood – I hugged a 900 year old yellow wood tree!

Zucchini – little place between Wilderness and Sedgefield that makes the best chickpea burgers


One thought on “A-Z of the birthday roadtrip

  1. Yes… I am exceptionally slow on the uptake of late BUT I really enjoyed this AtoZ post :) I love reading about The Person because he makes my Pogo-Colarine happy!

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