product review – John Frieda

I was sent a pretty parcel in February full of lovely John Frieda goodies to test out and I’ve had a whole while to test it and can officially let you know what I think and how it is. And I can let you know that it’s worth buying!

It smells great but its scent isn’t over powering at all (which I find important) and leaves your hair feeling like you’ve just visited a salon but missed out on their head massages. I got the shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair which was fantastic while I was blonde but will say that I’ve stopped using it since I went red as I found it encourages the colour to fade.

Even though I now use a sulphate free hippy shampoo so that my colour doesn’t fade as quickly I still love using the repair serum and the anti frizz spray that was included in the box of lovelies. I don’t know if it’s from peroxiding my hair or if it’s just one of those things but my hair tends to be frizzy and I hate it, makes my pretty wavy hair look a little more like I just got out of bed than anything else. So the repair has helped and makes my hair extremely soft where the anti frizz has become a daily ritual and I won’t leave home without spritzing my hair with it.

You can find their products at clicks, personally haven’t gone to look for them yet as the goods I got haven’t run out (bonus points!) but am sure I’ll be missioning to get some more in the near-ish future :)


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