shades of thankful

This weekend was amazing inspiring beautiful deserved appreciated more. This weekend was more than I can put into words, more than I could try and draw explanations of, more than I could think to even start being thankful for.

This weekend was more than more.

Momma’s gift to me was to watch the minion for the entire long weekend so that The Person and I could go camping. The Person’s gift to me was this weekend and let me just tell you… he’s set the bar HIGH.

The roadtrip began right after dropping Fysh off at school on Friday morning, a really long but beautiful 6ish houred roadtrip from here to Nature’s Valley with ever changing scenery and mountain passes. Random stops for coffee and loo breaks.

I kept mentioning how pretty it was and The Person would respond with “wait till we get there”… It took me EVERYTHING not to google where we were going from the moment he let me know where we were booked but I kept strong damn I’m glad I did because when we got there it was just wow.

Wild Spirit is a backpackers in Nature’s Valley that personifies hippy forest living. If I could pick a place and way to live this would be it hands down. Close enough to the ocean if I need it but surrounded by forests and rivers. Making pleasantries with accents from all over the world and sharing stories with strangers. Everything is upcycled and I do mean damn near everything – beer bottles used for flooring, driftwood benches and sculptures, tin can lampshades etc.

We meandered along forest paths, clambered mountains, slipped over river rocks, garnered a few bruises on horseback, saw fairies, watched sunsets, lunched, had cold showers, built zeppelins, planned villages and simply had the most amazing weekend.

I can’t wait to go back.


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