mommas day 2014

Momma’s day was blissful.

This year for mothers day my sister and I decided to take momma out for a canopy walk at Kirstenbosch gardens but when we got there we realised that the walk wasn’t open yet so we decided to postpone the walk to her birthday and just have a picnic in the gardens instead (thankfully my sister came prepared and had a picnic packed).

We walked around the gardens a bit and climbed a large tree for some photos. Yes my family along with our people are a bit hippy tree huggers (our people came with) and thankfully momma took her camera with so we could put it on a timer and get a shot of all of us together.

10170829_10152063572987175_1140948867913874230_n 10309206_10152063590477175_4577015294658231102_n

It was so nice just sitting in the autumn sun surrounded by the best people and I wasn’t even miffed that I’d forgotten my phone at home and couldn’t take photos or upload any that momma or the sister took until the next day. Phoneless and surrounded by the people that mean more to me than it does anyway.


Tried getting my sister to whatsapp me some of the photos she took but she seems to be ignoring me :(


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