a bit about being an introvert

The state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one’s own mental life.

People tend to think that introvert people are just extremely shy but that’s not the case. Introverts aren’t shy, in reality we can be outgoing, friendly and all of those things that people normally associate with extroverts; we just need time to charge up before socialising and then recharge afterwards with silence, space and solitude.

Being around people is extremely draining for me and I need time after interactions, particularly ones  in a large group of people and am expected to socialise, I need time to “recover” and “recharge” afterwards. Sometimes it’s just a nap or sitting for a while reading a book but the bigger the group or social interaction required the longer the recovery time.


Just remember that this isn’t exact for all introverts, some of them might not agree but this hits me nail on the head. 

I guess it isn’t always easy spotting an introvert because you can’t exactly see the hamster ball like bubble we keep ourselves in and because we do like to socialise even though it isn’t easy and it’s draining, some people really are just shy but for the most part I think that people can be divided into the two categories. Not sure how to suggest noticing an introvert, probably that one person who tends to be quieter at functions and happy to be in their own company even when surrounded by tons of people.

I’ve been very lucky that the people I choose to socialise with are understanding and don’t push for conversations and let me join in as I feel comfortable to. The Person also knows that being social drains me and always cuts out a bit of quiet time after we’ve been out or just in general sometimes which is so much appreciated.


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