This kid

Fysh, I really am a proud momma and I’m not just saying that cause that’s what people are supposed to say. You little soul that I’ve been entrusted with are one that many people comment on.

You have manners (mostly), are intelligent and habe a hunger for learning new things far beyond your years which is also how you tend to act.

You love people and are extremely sensitive to them not wanting “to be your friend” whether it be an adult or a child around of similar age.

Relatively well behaved, self-sufficient and extremely independant but very momma attached and crave constant interaction and attention.

I laugh at the way you talk non stop, ask for definitions of big words then use them correctly but do wish you’d learn a little patience, particularly when it comes to getting an adults attention while they’re talking to someone else.

You’re an amazing soul and even though you test my nerves and strength more often than not and I often wonder if I’m managing at all I’m glad you’re around.



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