Tales of a lemon tree

I have this lemon tree in my yard, she a petite little thing but fierce and protective of her fruits, she always comes off better when going up against her and her thorny armour.

But don’t let looks fool you, she’s strong and a real survivor with the sweetest fruits. Every year she gets neglected in summer and yet every year she bears enough fruit to fill at least half a washing basket. This year though she got a little extra loving and has returned the love with more fruit than she’s ever carried.

A few weeks back I got into a bit of a tug of war with her but walked away with a half basket of lemons (and a few scars) and today she stands full and hanging heavy with more!

So no what to do with all these lemons? Well… we make lemonade of course :)

Best home made lemonade recipe

• 1 cup sugar
• 1 cup water
• 1 cup fresh lemon juice

Heat a cup of water on the stove with the sugar and stir till the sugar is disolved then add your lemonjuice.

Now you can add roughly 3 or 4 cups of plain water to it (taste dependant) and if it’s still a bit sweet just add a little extra lemon juice.

(It’s also really great made with hot water, the housemate agrees)

I had about 2l of lemon juice so ended up making about 4.5l of cordial. Not enough space to store the actual juice so will freeze the cordial in ice lolly holders and then thaw and add to water when I need it.

Now if you’ll excuse me… tree and I are about to have a heated conversation regarding her current hoard…

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