as of yet untitled

Today has been a good and productive one despite being awake since 12am. This morning I wrote the storyline for the book I’m busy with. It had deviated from my original layout and a published author who is my ultimate idol is helping me through the process *faints* and we both agreed that it’s great as a basic storyline but it needs to be “more” and it needs to stick to my original layout.

So what have I been doing? Writing. Lots and lots of writing. I’ve just sent off page one of the re-written version and am now sitting biting my nails while I wait for feedback.

It’s an adult novel but more a novella and it’s layed out like a childrens book with the pages being double illustrated with words on half of the image. Make sense? Does in my head. Hope I can make this work.

Here is to bringing a dream that I’ve had sinve an early age to life.


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