just a kak month not a kak life

This month has been one of those extra tough ones, the kind where you’re left with R6 in your account and you burst into tears when your kid asks you for a sandwich cause there’s no bread in the house and no money to go out and get any. I burst in to tears yesterday but thankfully found a lone packet of two minute noodles in the cupboard and convinced him that’s what he wanted to eat that for dinner.

Thankfully today is payday which means that tomorrow there will finally be some loot in my account again but it’s going to be another tough month ahead cause unfortunately a project I’d banked on has been postponed :( such is life and we’ll manage somehow (if you have any illustration work or know of anyone wants anything done please keep me in mind).

Illustration projects are slowly coming in a little more regularly and I know things don’t happen overnight (cept the bad stuff now I think about it) but we’re growing and I hope that within the next year I can get to the point where Charlie Foxtrot is happily paying bills and letting me travel while doing my illustrations with constantly changing views. A girl can dream right?

Enough feeling sorry for myself.
I’ve written 2211 words of my book already and the story is flowing so that’s an upside :)


5 thoughts on “just a kak month not a kak life

  1. :( not happy to read the 1st part when you know that I am here for you… Happy to feed you or give you something to make at home when the budget is tight, so no need to go to bed hungry. <3

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