26 before 27

Keeping up with traditions here is this year’s “bucket list” (a month late).
Last year I managed to tick off 19 out of 25 which I think is pretty damn awesome.
Here’s aiming to tick off ALL 26 for this year.

1. Do something “extreme”
2. Go camping at least 5 times
3. Travel somewhere new
4. Visit a new country
5. Get CharlieFoxtrot going really well
6. Read 25 books (I’ve had NO urge to read this year despite last year’s 200 mark I reached)
7. Lose 10kg’s
8. Write/illustrate a book
9. #happymail
10. Go hiking or on walks as often as possible
11.Learn to crochet
12. Master web design
13.Draw something daily
14. Fix the front and back gardens
15. Buy a wacom and master digital illustration
16. Sort out the pool
17. Have a productive food garden
18. Confidently wear a bikini
19. Hike table mountain again
20. Buy a new bed
21. Own a rotring pencil set
22. Pay off all my debt
23. Take boxing more seriously
24. Exhibit at a reputable gallery
25. Build a tree-house in the back garden
26. Have my art pay for travels and backpakers hop with my person and Fysh


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