kid free weekend!

Yeah yeah I probably shouldn’t be as excited about this as I am but aaaaah a kid free weekend!

Friday: The Fyshness is staying with his Aunty Panda while The Person and I get to attend the Good Food and Wine show as Media (yay us!) which means we’ll get to sit in on the celebrity chef shows. Think we’ll be seeing the two greedy italians.

Saturday: He’ll be at Panda in the morning and afternoon and might sleep over again but if he gets a bit much for her he’ll be sleeping at granny while I head to a soap making event hosted by rain! Then at about lunch time The Person and I will head off to Hermanus where we’ll be staying at the Windsor Hotel (fancy sounding right?) > we got a voucher for a night’s stay there at the #cptbloggermeet earlier this year so we’re “cashing it in” now :)

Sunday: Well I’m not going to tell you about Sunday just yet as I’m keeping it a surprise from The Person and he might just read this so you’ll have to wait for the blog post on this one ;)

The whole weekend is arranged in a way that the fun and the getaway is “sponsored” as I’ve accumulated it all to fit into one weekend. Can’t wait and I’ll be bombarding you with photo posts and instagram shots as the weekend goes.



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