sometimes mini holidays are needed

After lunch on Saturday The Person and I headed through to Hermanus for a mini getaway – the Windsor hotel was kind enough to sponsor each of the bloggers from the blogger meet in the beginning of the year a night stay and I finally cashed it in. We left a little later than we had originally planned but arrived with the sun still up so we checked in then braved the gale force winds and walked to the square on marine drive. When I say gale force I’m not exaggerating either, it only rained in the evening and a little in the morning but that wind was fiercely unpleasant (though didn’t deter us from having a great time away). We walked to a little place called Coco’s (I think) and stopped for a beer and tea, again braving the wind and sitting on the balcony cozied up under the blankets they provide and tucked in tight in our foul weather gear so we could watch the sky fade from it’s bright blue to the soft hues of a reflected sunset.

We found a quaint little Pakistani restaurant that serves vegan options for dinner cause A) The Person always takes me diet into consideration and B) he really loves curry haha. The dahl was delicious but will admit his curry beats theirs hands down and I’m not just saying that.

I loved the hotel, it’s one of the oldest standing buildings in Hermanus and the décor doesn’t look like it’s been changed in a few decades. Reminiscent of what you would think your great grandmas house to look like with the plush old fashioned carpets and wooden finishes. It wouldn’t have that same homey feel if it was made to look all fancy and clean cut though. The staff are friendly and there when you need them but they blend in and you’re left to your own devices. What I also really liked is that there is no DSTV in the rooms because in my opinion holidays and getaways should be spent exploring and sightseeing where you are not staying cooped up in a hotel room watching TV. You can do that at home. CAM00959 waking up to the sounds and sights of the ocean and the smell of bacon in the morning is something you can get used to. The latter which I am sure this made The Person pretty happy :) After breakfast we packed up and checked out… beer tasting was decided that seeing as the wind was simply too much for the walk we had planned to some view point thingum we’d head a little further along the map to Stanford where we stopped at Birkenhead Estate for beer tasting and then found a really sweet little place called Madre’s Kitchen where we stopped for lunch – an aubergine, chickpea and chilli lunch (duck and blue berries for The Person) which was so frigging amazing that I’m going to attempt to recreate it soon.


On the way home we stopped just at the top of Sir Lowries and even though the weather was a little “under the weather” the view was great.


Big thanks to The Windsor Hotel for our little getaway. We thoroughly enjoyed it!


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