let’s make it Rain soap

You’ve heard of Rain right? Of course you have! But in case you’ve been living under a rock they’re a bath company that specialises in things like soaps and hair muds etc but all natural and cruelty free.

On Saturday myself, Femme Lifestyle and Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger car pooled and headed to Casa Labia in Muizenberg where we were invited by Rain to learn trade secrets on soap making! We actually got to meet THE Bev Missing, the lady who started Rain!table setting

After hello’s to some new faces as well as quite a few old (meeting people you tweet and following is always nerve wrecking for me but it’s great putting an actual person to a blog) and a very yummy breakfast we headed on upstairs to where Bev walked us through the process of soap making from scratch.

soappouring soapsoap patterns

It looks and sounds relatively easy but I’m pretty sure the first few tries are going to end up as a #nailedit meme ;)

We were each gifted a copy of her new book that is now available in stores and contains ALL of her soap making from scratch secrets. Bev said she was hesitant to share them in the beginning but then decided that she was shared the information in the when she started out and is this way “passing it forward” (plus you can easily just google soap making these days). Our copies where SIGNED!!!

If you want to get your hands on your own copy you can get them in the Rain stores and you can also have a look on their website for video tutorials.

Also… shameless GIANT MIRROR selfie ;)cupcake selfie


6 thoughts on “let’s make it Rain soap

  1. It really was a fun morning and already planning those #nailedit meme because I got to try it but know it’s not as easy as they made it look. The selfie is grand!

    • Also want to try make some for xmas gifts but need to just hang on a bit till I got some spare cash. Really was such an awesome morning. And thank you for taking the lovely ladies home!

  2. ooooh I love Rain… I have only ever made soap from other soap… never from scratch, I leave that to people like Lush and Rain. Lye freaks me out… anyhoo, your cupcake soap looks lovely!

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