sleeve update

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a sleeve but just never got around to it, mainly for financial reasons but I have an arrangement with the tattoo shop where I run their social media in exchange for ink. It works for both of us and it also means I get my sleeve… and I love what we’ve done so far!

I dreamt once that I had a sleeve of flowers and since that day decided that’s what I’m going to do… we started on it a couple months ago and we’ve finished up the initial layout now. The flowers are just a beginning and there is still a lot to add like colour in the ribbon, abstract colour in the background and something that will tie the forearm piece to the upper arm piece but so far… so far it’s exactly what I dreamt it would be.

The flowers chosen are birth flowers of family members, the ribbon attaches to a key below the roses and is for me for reasons I don’t want to share right now, the feather and quote that are still coming are again for family members who’s flowers aren’t added in. I’ll list and explain each one when it’s finished one day. The reason we don’t do it in one sitting is my own choice, I like working on it in bits and bobs as it fills the ink craving instead of doing it in one go and then needing another one to fill the craving again.

flower sleeve


4 thoughts on “sleeve update

  1. I would LOVE to have a sleeve done. Your one looks absolutely beautiful, I am so jealous right now. Will have to go and trawl Pinterest and add on to my wish list.

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