a little something from Mr Price

Did you know that Mr Price has an online store? I didn’t but wow that makes life so much easier!
Sometimes there are things at certain stores but not at ours so now instead of missing out all I have to do is log on and voila there it is, the best thing I noticed was that you can opt to have it delivered to the store closest to you and pay for it there (big bonus if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have a CC).

We were sent a little voucher to give their online store a try and I only have good things to say.

Firstly the site is really easy to navigate, it’s clean and simple and has no extra frills that will confuse you. They also have a real time update so if they are out of stock on a certain size it updates on the website. No ordering and then being disappointed. Fysh adored sitting on my lap and being able to point out to me what he wanted (and I liked that he can’t read properly yet cause if I didn’t like it – I’m not ben10’s biggest fan – I’d just tell him they don’t have his size) and what I loved most is not having to be fussing about in a busy shop or having minor fits because the wrong sizes are on the wrong size labeled hangers.

Even the “priced to go” items are listed!

When checking out you have a few delivery options, from home delivery and post office to express to store delivery (which I chose seeing as sometimes my post doesn’t arrive). Somehow I missed the note that lets you know how long delivery takes so I popped them a quick twitter message and they’re response was pretty instant (yay for companies with great SM) and let me know that it takes between 1 and 7 working days. I’m impatient and so can’t wait for Fysh’s new outfit… will make him model it when it arrives and show him off.

So guess what?!
I have a R200 gift voucher for you to use on their moresome awesome kids range! All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog with who you would by for (eg. I’d by an outfit for Fysh as his 5th birthday is coming up soon) and if you’re on twitter you can tag me (@cupcakemummy) and use the #moresomeawesome hashtag. voila, it’s that simple!

Giveaway will run until the 20th but I will be away camping and without signal so the winner will only be announced the following week. 


49 thoughts on “a little something from Mr Price

  1. Love this… I am not even going to try be the good Mom and claim to be buying clothes for the Tribelets with this voucher, this is one gift I would LOVE for myself. As Mom’s we also deserve a treat every now and again xxxx

  2. I would buy an outfit for our youngest son Declan, because he is the yougest he gets all of our eldest son’ s outgrown clothes. He is a 6month old gem and I think he deaerves some new items in his wardrobe :) ♡♡

  3. I would buy Cari, my niece an outfit for her 3rd birthday. They stay 1500km away and i miss her so much :( maybe izaan the 8 year old can also get a gift :)

  4. I would so be using it to buy my son and daughter some winter goodies. Hubby lost his job and doing odd jobs here and there so we’re crunching down on everything we can to save or not spend too much. Our home is like a walk in freezer, so really would love to be able to make sure my babes are comfy and warm for the cold xx

  5. I have also recently discovered Mr Price Online and LOVE IT because I also don’t have a cc or even much extra money to winter shop right now…lol So I would love this voucher for my monkeys, my son and daughter deserve a little treat :-)

  6. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Oh My Gosh!!! AMAZING giveaway!!! I’d by an outfit for my daughter Zoe as her 10th birthday is actually tomorrow (14th of June 2014)! Holding thumbs ;)

  7. I would buy an awesome outfit for my little girl Kaylee, who is turning 4 in July, something really girly to make her feel like a princess.

  8. Was playing on the website earlier this week – I already have a long wish list for my 15 month old boy :) Pick me!!

  9. Love the competition! I would buy an outfit for my cousin’s twins! They are soooo cute. Tweeted also: @Roxi_23

  10. I would love to win this for my cousin’s twins, they are just too cute! On Twitter and tweeted too @Roxi_23

  11. I’d buy for my granny. She told me a while ago that she wanted:
    1. new slippers
    2. a new gown
    3. new PJs and a scarf :)
    Every time I try and get them for her, the queues put me off… so how convenient is an online store. Perfect!
    I need to win this ’cause I owe mamma big time…

  12. I’d buy for myself…. My kids have been given new clothes and hubby just bought himself some but I never buy clothes… Ever… So this would help me a lot

  13. Mitchell is also turning 5 in July and needs new clothes plus my eldest loves their clothing so maybe a little something for him too. With their prices I might even be able to squeeze in something small for myself but I have my doubts!

  14. I would buy my eldest nephew who is 9 a outfit he is very into what he is wearing ATM and he is my angel

  15. I would get the twins some much needed long pants. Just realised they sprouted a lot since last winter. I have also been shopping online at Mr Price and I must say it is fabulous. Haven’t tried the Home section for online shopping yet, but certainly will soon!

  16. I’d buy pants for my two littlest men, who play so hard that they’ve both run out of any without holes in the knees!

  17. I’d buy some goodies for my little Moo – all this crawling and exploring and messy eating means a lot of laundry!

  18. I would buy my friend Magdel a baby gift as she found out yesterday she is having her first baby boy. Something to get her in the baby mood.

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