48 years ago today…

Today 48 years ago today one of the strongest souls I have met was born.
She is an idol and my hero and I aspire to be like her on a daily basis.

She’s the soul who survived a colic firstborn and still saw the courage to have more kids and then went on to raise 3 of them pretty much on her own while somehow managing not to kill an undiagnosed/unmedicated teenager or herself for that matter.

I have watched her build up multiple successful companies from scratch, live her dream of walking the Inca trail and hiking up mount Senai and subsequently tick off things on her vision board one by one. She doesn’t stop and let things get her down; she’s one of the most positive people I know, even when she’s having days where I know she’d rather jump off of a waterfall.

She’s the kind of soul who can walk into a room full of strangers and end up being the shining light, she has no trouble making fun of herself or climbing out of comfort zones. She’s fiercely independent, stubborn, adventurous and kind. She’s caring and patient to a fault. She’s the one who will take the dare and belly flop into a vat of grapes and the one that will go paragliding with me when no one else will.

We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, many of them, but she loves unconditionally and I am so honoured to call this soul my mother.

Happy birthday mommy.


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