chapter 1

Quick lowdown on what’s about to happen here: myself and greenlydia have decided to have a little fun and write a short story together that we’re going to share it with you. We’re going to wing it and blog hop it – each of us has to write 2 posts a week with a minimum of 500 words a post for the next 4 weeks. We’re going to bounce them between us so you’ll see chapter one below but all the even numbered chapters you are going to find over on her blog. No designated post days so if you’re keen on following the story you’ll have to either follow us via email or keep checking in (we’re sneaky like that).

So without further bumbling rambles… here is chapter 1:

I’m the kind of girl that blends into a crowd. Despite having bright red hair and the somewhat unusual name of Winter, I’ve always been able to avoid the spotlight. It’s not that I don’t like people, I do. They’re fascinating to watch and I love to sit and make up stories about them, but I find them draining. It always feels as if they’re sucking the energy right out of me, so I make a little time for myself.

My favourite “time out” spot is an inconspicuous platform built in a big tree in the gardens, where I can sit and enjoy the light filtering through the leaves while I indulge in my favourite pastimes – drawing or getting lost in a book. It’s been a bad few weeks for me though, I’ve felt the fogbank of depression rolling in and though it never just appears, its slow arrival is still thick enough for me to feel lost in. So here I am, heading to my favourite spot, trying to find an iota of happiness. I happened on this tree once and for some reason I’ve never had to “fight” anyone for its space. I hitch my skirt up and sling the backpack over my shoulder; I started packing in a sketchbook and a few pencils so I can lean back against the thick branch that cuts through the platform on one side and draw the giggling twins blowing bubbles and catching them or the dog asleep next to his owner but I’ve been a children’s book illustrator for so long that they become little princesses running after fairies and a dragon happily curled up under a tree. It’s been great as creative inspiration for my projects and perhaps one day I’ll even write my own book. No one has taken down the ribbons, seashells, feathers and other odds I’ve found laying around the park and hung from the branches. It makes me wonder if anyone else has even noticed the platform. Perhaps they simply never look up or curiosity is just not in their nature. It makes me a little sad but in a way I’m grateful because I’ve still got it all to myself, no need to share or schedule times around it with anyone like divorced parents fighting for custody.

There is always a certain hum that I associate with the park,but today the hum is “louder” than usual and I peek through the branches trying to see what all the fuss is about…



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