chapter 3

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From what I can see it seems some girl was trying to kick a can into a nearby bin but apparently sports is not her forte as it hit a kid square in the face. I’m glad I’m high up and no one can hear me laughing but I can’t help it, the look on her face is priceless, it’s a look of annoyance, as if the kids face got in the way. I’m laughing so hard I bump my paintbrushes and a few roll towards the edge but I’m too slow and they end up tumbling between the branches and landing near a dog who decides to investigate. I try shoo the bugger but he picks one up and uses it as a chew toy. Just my fucking luck, those paintbrushes aren’t the cheap sort.

I guess it’s time to head home even though there’s no real motivation for me to head back to an empty apartment but my stomach grumbles, I’ve missed both breakfast and lunch and it’s time to take my medication so I dust the charcoal off my hands and pack up. I struggle to keep my balance on the way down, wearing a skirt was not the smartest idea.

The fridge is bare, unless you count mayo, two day old take out and moldy bread so I dig around the cupboards and find a packet of soup. It will have to do as I am still waiting on payment for a project I completed ages ago. Wait, did I finish that project? Shit, I’ll have to make sure about that. That’s the problem with being me. I wish my body would make the right chemicals. “They” say that the pharmacy of medication I take daily is supposed to help me but it rarely feels like it. Lately I’ve been extra snappy yet lethargic and have had no patience for anyone, not even myself which is another reason I went to my tree today.


No matter how bad I am feeling I always set my alarm with enough time to wake up and make a mug of coffee before I climb out my window and make my way up the fire escape to the roof. My psychiatrist told me I needed a hobby so I started a little garden up here.

I grab a deck chair and a bundle my jacket around me while I wait for the sun to come up. There’s a chill in the air and I cup my hands around my mug a little bit more as I watch the day slowly break over the buildings. I sit back, closing my eyes and soak in the rays when they are finally high enough to reach me up here.

Eventually I run out of coffee so I sigh and get up, I carefully climb back down the fire escape all the while trying not to make too much noise. I don’t feel like talking to ms Johnson this morning and answer all her questions about when am I going to go out and meet a nice man and so on so I’m extra quiet as I move past her open window, the smell of pie in the oven almost has me reconsidering avoiding her though. Almost.

I guess I should at least shower and get a few outstanding projects done this morning. Making myself another cup of coffee I head to my favourite nook and get to work.


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