apples, life and indie authors

I had a spot of bad luck again on Friday, on The Person’s birthday no less. My phone was stolen. Yup, my pretty much brand new LG G2 that I won a few months back is now someone else’s. I guess they need it more than I do or something like that. Oddly enough even though I was rightly upset I think I handled it pretty well. It’s just a phone after all.

All bad luck comes with some good luck that follows, well it’s supposed to, it doesn’t always happen though. This time around it did… The Person was due for an upgrade on his phone so I was lucky enough to get his old phone. I am officially an apple user now. So just a small note here to say thank you to the universe. Life may suck sometimes but it does throw you a rainbow now and then.

And on a happier note, I am thoroughly enjoying the little “Like Life” writing project that I’m doing with greenlydia. We originally said 2 posts a week for 4 weeks but we’re both enjoying it so much it seems that we’re posting more than just 2 a week. What I love most is that I have no idea “what’s next” and have to wait just like everyone else to read what her bit is before I get to write up my response and throw it back at her. It’s so much fun and what’s great is that people are actually reading it and egging us on to write quicker.

Oh and before I forget. I’ve extended the Mr Price #moresomeawesome giveaway so go enter if you haven’t already :)

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