chapter 9

I’ve been pacing around my apartment and biting my nails for the past week, I still haven’t heard back from the author and I’m really worried she thinks my drawings are crap and just doesn’t know how to let me know in a nice manner. Maybe she doesn’t check her mail often or it went to spam. Or maybe she’s just a bitch and thinks it’s okay to ignore people. Shit, I can’t take this waiting anymore.

I head to the kitchen and pack a lunch then make sure I have enough paper in my art bag to make the rainforest shudder in fear. I grab my headphones on the way out the door and head off to my tree. I love my headphones, no one bothers you or expects you to socialize when you’re wearing them. They’re like a safety bubble.

I kick off my flip flops, shove them into the side of my backpack and set to climbing up the tree. No skirt this time. See, I learn. The weather is cooler today and I’m glad I brought a jacket with, I love it though, the cold that is which I know is rather ironic but momma was a hippy and I was born in winter so yeah. I just prefer it, maybe it’s because the world seems calmer during winter, there isn’t the constant throng of people walking around outside in the colder months.


Not sure how long I’ve been up here but at least long enough for the fog that’s rolled in to dampen my hair so I pack up and make a quick detour to Papa Mateo’s before heading home. As I cross the market square to the small café it starts raining and within a few seconds the rain is coming down so heavily you can barely see in front of you. I stop walking and simply stand in the rain, there is something about it that has always calmed me, soothed me. I feel a tap on my shoulder and nearly shit myself, it’s just Noah offering me an umbrella though, Papa must have seen me and sent him outside with it. I smile my thanks and head to the café with him. It’s warm inside and smells like heaven should. I know Papa won’t let me leave while it’s raining so I shrug out of my rain soaked jacket, squeeze out my hair and head to my favourite booth in the back and get comfortable, deciding to pull out my tablet and check my emails. I might have been checking them a little more obsessively of late.

I have an email. I HAVE AN EMAIL. I HAVE an email!

So she loves my work, okay well maybe she didn’t say that. Actually I’m not even sure she really likes it but I’ll take adequate over “your work sucks” any day. And she sent through a contract for me to sign which means I got the job. Wait, I need a second to just let this sink in. I read through the email several more times wondering why the hell she wants the characters to look sadder. Who the hell writes a children’s book but makes the characters all depressed. Actually, I quite like it now that I think about it. It’s realistic. It’s like life. And I love that she wants it in black and white, it’s going to be a little trickier but it can be done.

To: Iris
From: Winter

RE: Feathers and Fur

Hi Iris,

Thank you so much for getting back to me, I’ve sent the correct documentation off to Colour Media, should you need anything else from me please let me know.

As for the drawings; I’ll get to work on trying to make them look lonelier and get a new draft sent to you soonest. I think we could easily make it work in black and white and will draw the drafts up with both a colour option as well as a black and white option so that you can pick which you think best suits what you are after.

As for communication, I would prefer for us to stick to emails if you don’t mind.

Looking forward to working with you.

Noah stops by my table with a sandwich and pot of tea, looking around him I see Papa blow me a kiss and head back to the kitchen. I pull out my sketchbook and get to work on making a duck and a cat look approachable yet sad and lonely.

I can’t stop grinning.



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