chapter 11

You can read chapter 10 here – greenlydia

I ‘m not getting out of bed today. My toes are cold, my nose is snotty and I feel about as happy as that depressed duck I’ve been working on the past few days. I don’t like today, I’m going to back to sleep. I’ll try this whole life thing tomorrow again.


Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz
I swat at the strange buzzing but it won’t stop. Why won’t it stop?
Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz
Stupid buzzer, I should have turned the vibrate off. I reach over and pull my phone closer to me to see who the offender is and who would have guessed it. My new nemesis.

Michael: open the door.
Me: no.
Michael: open the door. Now.
Me: go away Michael.
Michael: Fine.

I toss my phone aside and pull the blanket back up over my head. Hah that was easy. Wait… Michel never gives in. I get up and run to the kitchen to close the window before he climbs up the fire escape but I’m too late cause there he stands with a smug smile on his face. Son of a bitch.

I resign and head to switch on the coffee pot, I fetch two mugs and set them down. I turn to Michael to find out why he’s so desperate to get into my apartment, maybe he’s locked himself out of his again, but I notice him doubled over with laughter. I tilt my head and squint at him, what’s his problem? Then the penny drops. I’ve got nothing but a shirt on. I hightail it out of the kitchen, slipping as I fly around the corner trying to get to my room to put some pants on. Dressed and semi decent I exit my room a little more gracefully than I entered it and am handed a mug of freshly perculated coffee as I enter the kitchen, at least he’s not laughing at me anymore.

He jerks his head in the direction of the fire escape and I shake my head but he’s set his coffee down on the counter and is pulling me towards the window anyway so we carefully climb out of it and make our way up to my little garden, I need to check on it anyway so it’s probably a good thing he’s dragging my ass up here.

I pull out a deck chair for each of us and position it in a spot of sunlight, it’s one of those rare winter days where the sun has broken through the clouds and is warming everything up. I perch on the edge of the chair and take a sip of coffee before looking up at Michael, “you’ve been ignoring me”. It’s a statement and not a question so I shrug in response and look stare off at the roses in the corner, they’re not blooming. I wish they’d bloom in winter. Michael touches my shoulder to get my attention ”have you been taking your meds?” I nod but get up and to check my herbs and empty some of the rain out of their pots. He’s next to me again and I sneak a peek at him, he has that worried expression on his face that he always gets when I hit a down. I tried to push him away over the years, I don’t want him to feel like he needs to stay, I’m just poisonous. But for some reason he stays anyway.


To: Iris
From: Winter
Attached: Feathers and fur
RE: RE: Feathers and fur

Hi Iris, sorry for the delay in response. I’ve had some personal issues I’ve been working through. I’ve attached a quick character sketch of a black and white Mr Bingly and a colourful duck. I’m curious as to why the duck is in colour, mind sharing your reasoning?
I think that it might be useful for us to use messenger on occasions as it will be faster than email and that way I can send you images as I work on them and you can comment on changes.


Her response is almost immediate this time

To: Winter
From: Iris

RE: RE: RE: Feathers and fur

Hi Winter, I have been avoiding some personal crap myself. Therapists are such dicks, you know?
The duck, I have discovered, was subconsciously based on a person from a life I thought I left behind. Evidently not so much. I am scared that depicting him in black in white might lose some of his essence. Actually, come to think of it, maybe both should be in colour. But their world in black in white? What do you think of this? Could it work?
Hell you’d know better than me.

I like the use of a messenger. It allows for hand written notes.

Speak soon,


So she sees a psychiatrist, our working together might be easier than I originally thought.

To: Iris
From: Winter

RE: RE: RE: RE: Feathers and fur

Agreed, you’d think that the amount you pay to see them they’d at least pretend to be nice.

Crap, I feel a little intimidated now that I know this project is personal. I hope that I can do it justice.

Sorry to hear about your loss, I know a lot more than most people should about leaving a life behind. I think that knowing the reason behind the book now I can agree on the characters being in colour and their world being in black and white, it might portray the feelings of being lost and alone better. It reminds me of being stuck in your own head and not feeling a part of anything. A lot like what the underlying theme in your story is.

My IM is: WinterEchohawk

Chat soon,


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