chapter 13

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I sigh as I light candles around the house. Power outage. Great, because drawing in the dark is so easy. I feel like such a failure, perhaps defeated is a better description. I feel defeated. Just when I think things are finally going my way shit like this has to happen. Oh well, nothing I can do about it till the morning, at least it’s only just been switched off so I can at least run a bath and drown my sorrows with a bottle of wine. Wine, candlelight and a bottle of wine, now all I need is someone washing my back and I’d be set.

Mmm… this is good wine. These candles are pretty, the way the light dances on the walls is so sensual. And there they are again, the duck and cat, the depressed duck and cat actually, they’re constantly on my mind. She should make it a rooster and a cat… *snort* I made a funny.


Urgh, someone turn the sun off, make it go away. Wait, why is there sun shining on me. I’m certain I closed those stupid curtains last night, at least the lights where off, otherwise anyone walking by would have gotten a really nice show, poor them. I chuckle to myself as I remember my stupid rooster and cat joke from last night, I should make the suggestion to Iris, she would probably get the joke. The smell of coffee perks me up and has me sitting upright in a nanosecond. Michael.

I tie my hair up in a messy bun and make my way through to the kitchen to find him sitting at my kitchen table with a mug of coffee and a second one in front of him. I look pointedly at him, he laughs and shrugs “I ran out of coffee”. Damnit, I really need to put a lock on that window. At least the coffee means the power is back on. Yay.

After I usher Michael out my apartment I sit down at my computer to catch up on the stuff I was supposed to get done last night, first on the list is an email from Iris. I chuckle as I read through it, I think I like the informality of it and she’s right, we may as well get friendly as I’d at least get a glimpse of what she’s like and be able to put that into the drawings for her book.

To: Iris
From: Winter

Attached: Feathers and Fur.pdf

RE: So whatcha doing?

Hey Iris,

I see one as well so it’s all good and no I’m not forced to see one either, well I sort of am but that’s just cause my body is lazy and hates me and doesn’t want to make all the right chemicals.

I’ve attached the first 5 pages for you to peruse, if they’re what you’re looking for give me a timely headsup so that I can finish the next 15 pages by Friday, going to be a tight squeeze but it can be done. I hope.

You really don’t want to know about me, I’m boring, not much to know about. I’ve been an illustrator for about 5 years now but this is the biggest project I’ve worked on since I started – thank you. The only housemate I have died recently, poor spot had to be flushed down the toilet, spot was a goldfish not a person just in case you were about to call the cops on me. I have a horrible addiction to fresh bread and home-made pasta but I loathe mushrooms even though I’m a vegan and we’re apparently supposed to love them. Momma was a hippy hence my slightly less popular name and last name and probably why I still hate wearing shoes and dance in the rain like a tattooed loon. That’s me in a nutshell really. Oh and I lost my hearing around age two after a bad case of meningitis which is why I would prefer if we could keep communications to emails, I can lip read but it’s a little hard to do over the phone and I prefer not to speak.

Your turn to spill the beans.

Chat soon.

Oh lordy let that email not ruin me and make her cancel our contract!

I sign off, grab my gym bag and head out. Time to go beat up a boxing bag and maybe get a sparring session in with my instructor, all the bread I’ve been eating lately is going to my ass and I didn’t work all that extra weight off just so I can put it back on again. Anthony is great and has no qualms about kicking my ass and yelling at me when I miss sessions but he’s right though, I just cheat myself when I miss classes. Also, I need to go and show this slight hangover who is boss.


I get back and decide that a nice long shower is in order, my muscles hurt but in a delicious way, and I smell like a men’s locker room after a rugby match. I shower till the water turns cold, wrap myself in a large fluffy towel, make a mug another mug of coffee and sit down to quickly check my mails before I get back to a few other projects that need working on as well. There’s an IM from Iris saying to go ahead with the rest of the drawings and that she’ll mail me once her meetings are done.

Time to get dressed, get comfortable and get to work. It’s going to be a long few days trying to get another 15 pages turned out for this book.


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