chapter 17

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To: Iris
From: Winter
Attached: revised – feathers and fur
RE: Oops, wine

Agreed, there should be a lock application on all forms of communications that doesn’t let you on when you’re intoxicated. Bad combination, sorry for the rambling tipsy email but glad I wasn’t the only one.

Thank you for the wishes; it’s a tough day here because as with you my family also have to deal with a loss of someone dear to them on the same day. As for your terrible day yesterday I can’t imagine losing two people who are that close to you on the same day, nothing I say is going to make it better as I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but know you are in my thoughts.

Now that I know more about the characters I’ve done a bit of a change up on the drawings, let me know if you find these a little more representative of the souls you lost, I hope I’ve done them justice. Also I will have the last 5 pages for you by this afternoon so that if any changes need to be made we can work on them quickly before tomorrow’s hand in. your input in them is appreciated as these are your vision after all. Let’s make your books the next best seller.

Chat soon

I fiddle with the locket that Michael gave me last night before I left the Mateo’s and hit send. Clearly my birthday is bad luck for others. I feel so bad for Iris, losing her brother and his best friend on the same day, I wonder what happened that she blames herself for their deaths.

I thought I’d have a hangover of note this morning but for some reason I’m chirpy and full of energy, the bread must have soaked up all the alcohol. Bread to the rescue yet again, man I love bread. I wonder if one can marry bread. I need to find my phone, I think I drunk texted Michael last night… Shit.

How exactly did my phone end up in the fridge? I grab it along with a soy yogurt, climb out the window and head up the fire escape to my garden; it probably needs watering as it hasn’t rained in about a week now. I’m a bad plant mommy. I put on the irrigation system and pull up a chair, I’m delaying checking my phone and I know it. No point in delaying it any longer. And there’s a notification of a message from Michael which means I probably did drunk text him.

Winter, I like you. I’m sure you know this already, we’ve been friends for a while now but I need you to know that I like you more than just a friend. It might be the alcohol making me brave but I can’t not let you know. If you don’t feel the same way just ignore the message.

Okay, so it wasn’t me who did the drunk texting after all. I have no idea how I feel about this, it’s not that I don’t like him, it’s that I do and more than just a friend but what if it doesn’t work out, what if this ruins our friendship. I’m so confused. I head back down to my apartment and pack up what I need to finish off the drawings for Feathers and Fur and head off to my tree, I need a bit of fresh air to clear my head and decide what I’m going to do about this. I can’t ignore it, that would just make it awkward but I also need to formulate a proper response before I text him something I might regret.

I get to my tree and pull myself up, it’s a little chilly but it’s perfect at the same time. Time to push out the last 5 pages before tomorrow’s deadline. I should kill Iris for saying yes to such a quick deadline or at least told her no ways it’s possible but right now my mind needs the distraction so I prop myself against the branch and get to work. Now that I know the full story behind the characters I’m actually a little tearful doing this. I know that their story is a sad one but I do hope that by writing these books Iris will come to forgive herself and the last book in the series sets the guilt free. It’s a long shot but art saves lives just like bread does and writing would be her choice of art. I notice a chewed up paintbrush balanced precariously on the edge of the platform and grab for it. It looks a whole lot like the one I lost the last time I was up here, strange. I shrug and twirl it up in my hair.

Done. Finally done with all the drawings and now just to send them off to Iris for last approval and then tomorrow is the big day, I think I’ll keep this paintbrush, I’ve never finished up layouts this quickly before and I’m certain it’s because of my new lucky charm. I’m sure she’s nervous but I think I’m more so, the artwork of a kids book is a big deal. Once approved, if approved, it goes the nod for inking then it goes back in for approval again. nerve wrecking and time consuming but I love it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Drawing was an escape for me during my foster home years and been my comfort since the first day I picked up a pencil. I still have that first drawing all framed up on my wall as inspiration to keep moving forward and knowing that things always improve, even my art.

This thought has my mind made up. I hate “what if’s” and decided long ago not to run from difficult situations even though it’s natural instinct to avoid confrontation of any sort. I pull out my phone, take a deep breath and text Michael back.

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