blanket forts are life lessons

There are some things you should do as a kid, building blanket forts is one of those things!

Both The Person and I are still suffering a little from the dreaded sick and of course the busy body minion is not so what do you do when all you have the energy for is laying in bed watching documentaries? You build the minion a blanket fort!

I don’t know where The Person got the idea, probably because while we were sitting on the balcony Fysh made ma put my legs against the wall so that he could sit in the “tent” that my skirt made when I did so. Fort set up, sleeping bag and pillows dragged into it I set up the laptop so he had his own personal little movie house vibe (yes the square babysitter made its presence this weekend) with snacks and lego. It kept him enthralled for the whole afternoon and even part of Sunday!

They say “small things amuse small minds” but I’m not sure if I really agree with that statement as it stands. Kids don’t have “small minds” if anything their minds are bigger than ours in the fact that they are more open to know and doing than us. We might KNOW more but only in one aspect. It seems to me that when we start learning we also stop. The more you know the more set in a way you are. Not always a good thing. Sometimes you just have to climb into a blanket fort and look at the world from a little lower down.

Here’s to my minion schooling me in the ways of the world.


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