chapter 23

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Urgh, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, everything hurts. I try open my eyes but they simply won’t budge, everything feels heavy and foggy. I’m going back to sleep.


There’s something in my throat, why is there something in my throat, I cough and raise my hand to get it out but I end up hitting myself in the face with something hard, I cough again and try with the other hand but I can’t seem to get it out. I feel like I’m about to vomit. Then there are hands all over me and finally the stupid thing in my throat is out, I take a deep breath but it hurts. I try to open my eyes but the light is too bright and I struggle to get them open, I feel hungover, someone turn the sun off please. Finally they crack open and I try focus on what’s around me, it doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel right, this bed isn’t mine, did I end up staying at Michaels? Shit, I don’t remember if it was good, one should never have drunk sex! I turn my head to the side and groan, good stars it hurts, it takes a minute or three but I can finally see clearly and I’m not sure I like what I see. There’s a disheveled Michael holding my left hand and looking more worried than I’ve ever seen him but with a hint of relief in his eyes. His smile is so big I’m pretty sure it’s hurting his face, he leans forward and kisses my forehead and I sigh like a bloody teenager. I try sit up but find I can’t, Michael disappears for a second and the next thing I know I’m moving into a sitting position. Wait, it’s the bed moving, I thought only hospital beds move.

And then it hits me just like the mini bus did and I groan as my head hurts from all the memories rushing back. I was taking Michael lunch, I’d looked left and right and crossed the road at the walkway when the little man turned green and out of seemingly thin air there was a bus hurtling towards me and I couldn’t move fast enough. Shit. I’m in the hospital. I look down and begin to assess the damage, I raise my hand to feel my where my face is hurting and find what hit me when I first woke up, an ugly white cast up to my elbow, my ribs hurt and my left leg is in a cast. I look up at Michael, then look back down, I’m scared that my face is a mess and I can feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, I don’t want him to see me like this but he takes my chin in his hand and turns my face toward him. He looks concerned and again I worry that I’m hideously scarred but he just uses his thumbs to wipe the tears from my cheeks and holds my face in his hands. I can see him sigh and a lone tear makes it’s down his cheek, he leans forward and tentatively puts his lips to mine, instantly the world disappears and everything is forgotten but he quickly pulls away and looks a bit embarrassed. I turn to see what has him blushing and see that the Mateo’s have arrived; I can’t help but cry a little harder as Mama pulls me into a big bear hug that makes everything hurt but she doesn’t seem to notice and Papa stands stoically near my feet as if he doesn’t want to believe any of it is real. Neither do I for that matter.

Mama finally realizes she’s doing more damage than good and let’s go, I breathe a ragged sigh of relief as the pain subsides a little as she starts fussing around the bed straightening blankets and tucking them around my good leg. I laugh at her but wince and grab my ribs, son of a bitch that hurts. Michael says something to Papa but I can’t make out what, he comes back to my side, quickly gives me a kiss on the forehead and signs that he’ll be back then ducks out the door. Papa moves to the side of the bed that Michael was occupying and sighs deeply. “We were worried Winter, you gave us a good scare” I lift my hands to sign back but realize communicating is going to be slow going with my right hand in a cast, thankfully I can still move my fingers around but the cast is heavy and my muscles feel too lax to pick it up so I use my good hand to ask for pen and paper, I’m lucky I’m left handed else I’d be screwed. Papa goes to find some as Mama tells him she refuses to leave. Both Michael and Papa come back at the same time, Papa carrying the goods he went in search of and Michael carrying a jug of much needed water. I feel like there is a desert in my mouth, man I’d kill for a toothbrush and paste right now. And a shower, I can actually smell myself and it’s not so pretty. I take the pad from Papa and start with the biggest question of them all…

What happened?

Everyone tries to get my attention at the same time, hands are flying and I can’t quite concentrate so I shake my head and wave my hand to get their attention focused on me instead of trying to out-talk each other.

One at a time, and slowly.

They all look at each other and I can tell they’re discussing it amongst themselves as to who it going to be answer the onslaught of questions I’m about to throw at them. Michael seems to take favour and I turn to him for the answers, pen at the ready.

Michael: You were in an accident
Me: um… I think I know that bit.
Michael: A minivan lost control on a patch of ice and couldn’t stop in time.
Me: So I was literally hit by a bus?
Michael: Pretty much.
Me: How much damage?
Michael: You can see most of it, leg, arm, I’m sure you can feel your ribs as you broke two of those and then a few stitches in your head. Oh and what looks like a bruise after hitting yourself in the face earlier.
Me: So nothing too serious then.
Michael: Well… there’s something else.
Me: Spit it out.
Michael: You’ve sort of been in a coma for a week.
Me: I’ve been WHAT?!
Michael: Yeah and we’re all a little mad at you for making us worry for so long.
Me: So I’m in a coma and somehow it’s my fault? Nice one Michael.

I reach over and slug him with my good hand and he just laughs but pretends it hurt for my sake. I need to get up and walk around; I’ve been out for a week which means I only have a few days left to get that artwork done. Shit, I wonder if Michael let Iris know what happened, I’m pretty sure she’s pulling her hair out and stressing about my not answering.

Me: Can you get me a laptop and some art stuff from my place?
Michael: You can use my laptop, what do you want exactly?

I quickly write up a list and hand it over to Michael who swops me the note for his laptop, he must have been here for a while if he has his laptop here with him. I instantly feel bad even though I know I shouldn’t but the tears come anyway.

Michael: Why are you crying love?
Me: I feel bad for making everyone worry.
Michael: Aw no no no, I was teasing you, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.

He pulls me into him with my head resting against his chest and brushes his fingers through my hair. I push him away and laugh which has him looking at me quizzically so I grab for the pen and paper again.

Me: You smell like you’ve been here for days
Michael: I have been love
Me: Then go home and shower, and bring me my stuff. No kisses till you’re clean.

He laughs but kisses me anyway and then heads out the door. I turn to Mama and Papa and blush as I realize I completely forgot about them being there and witnessing the exchange with Michael. Mama just pats my knee and shakes her head, “it took you two long enough”. I’m not sure if I can go any brighter red than I already am but if I can then I just did. Papa catches my attention and asks if I’ll be okay if he leaves as he needs to go and check on Noah and the store. I instruct both of them to go and get some air and breathe, Mama doesn’t look too pleased but I explain that I have some damage control to do work wise and it’s not like I’m going anywhere too soon.

Once everyone is gone I boot up Michaels laptop and mail Iris

To: Iris
From: Winter
Subject: Hit by a bus.

Hi Iris!

Oh please don’t hate me and tell me you’ve run off with a different illustrator, I can’t apologise enough for not answer you back if you mailed me this week, in all honesty I haven’t even read them yet. I sorta maybe kinda got hit by a bus last week and have kinda been in a coma. Okay so it wasn’t a big bus it was just a mini bus but I’m trying to find humour in my situation.

I have a few broken ribs, a broken leg and arm and some stitches but I’m out of intensive care now and doctor says I should be discharged in the next few days. Don’t worry, my drawing hand is still going strong and Michael is on his way with my art supplies so we’ll be ready for print!

Do a girl a favour and describe how your date went, I need some entertainment while I’m stuck here in hospital.

Look right and left and right again before you cross the road


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