chapter 27

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I won’t say I’ve become the master of this walking thing just yet, we really do take simple things for granted, but I can officially get myself to the bathroom and down to the cafeteria all on my own, the latter which of course had the nurses in a frenzy as apparently I needed permissions to leave the ward, whoops. I’ve been given a wheel chair but I hate it and it’s not like I’m going to be able to wheel it up stairs so how do they expect me to get to my apartment or to the Mateo’s for that matter, bread plays a highly important role in my life and I won’t let a silly chair stand in the way of me and my carbs. At least Noah smuggled in that sandwich for me yesterday but I had to swallow down hospital food for dinner as Noah claimed the café was too busy to steal away a moment and bring me a take away, I tried pulling the “hit by a bus” card but it fell flat. Damnit.

The proof copy for Feathers and Fur was delivered early this morning and I must have let out a squeal of sorts once I’d ripped the package open and realized what was inside because the nurse came running in to see if I was okay. I pick it up again and smell it, I know it’s not the final print but this just makes it seem so much more real. Because you can get more real than real you know. There was a slab of my favourite dark chocolate and a scribbled “get well soon” post-it note in the package which I’m guessing Iris had slipped in before it was couriered over, the fact that she most likely went asked Michael what my favourite chocolate is just solidifies the thoughts that this stranger, this wickedly funny and dirty minded woman has become more than just someone I email daily. Speaking of emails, I received one earlier from Iris that I haven’t responded to yet, mainly because I haven’t quite figured out what to say to her, the whole Michael thing sort of threw me a little, I honestly had no idea he felt that strongly towards me. I twist my long hair up with the paintbrush I’d found in the tree and pin it in, my hair is annoying me but trying to tie it up hasn’t worked out so well so far. I pull the laptop out of its case, may as well tend to my emails while I wait to be discharged.

To: Iris
From: Winter

Hello beautiful friend,

So I received the proof copy this morning and I’m sure I squealed like a school girl who’d just gotten a text from her crush, it completely made my day! Having it in hand just makes it so real, I can’t believe I got to work with my literary idol on a children’s book. And no I’m not just blowing smoke up your behind, I was so stoked when I got that email from you about illustrating your book. And hey, you did it, you wrote a children’s book! I think your brother would be proud. And so should you. Also, thank you so much for the little gift and note, my absolute favourite.

I’m being discharged in a few hours and I can’t wait, I’ve been here far too long for my liking and the food sucks. I desperately NEED some good bread and carbs in my life and getting delivery to a hospital is not really the easiest thing. I’ve finally managed to sort of get around on crutches, it’s not the easiest fete I tell you and I’m sure it’s a rather humorous sight to behold but I’m hoping to avoid using a wheel chair as much as possible. They suck and I don’t know how I’m going to get up 5 flights of stairs to my apartment – the damn elevator hasn’t worked in forever, something about some kids playing in it. Though come to think of it, I’m not even sure how I’ll make my way up if I walked it. Oh dear.

Peacocking… I think you should copy right that move! Had such a good laugh picturing awkward flying underwear and the high school style make out session on your couch. Here’s hoping that the goodness is real goodness and he’s your knight in shining armor instead of an asshole wrapped in tinfoil. If he is you just point me in the right direction and I’ll put my casts to good use… a kick in the balls with a casted leg should suffice I’d say.

I think I’d tease Michael about the crying if it didn’t warm my heart knowing he cares for me that much, thank you for pointing it out to me, he’s been my best friend for years now, he even learnt sign language when we met just to make communicating easier as he’d announced then that we’d be best friends forever, I hadn’t really figured out how this dish of a man – because even as a boy he was something beautiful to behold – would even want to be friends with the deaf freak, then when I went onto medication I was certain things would change but he stuck around anyway and I’ve always worried that it was out of guilt of pity. Knowing he feels the same way about me certainly helps calm my over active imagination and self doubt to a dull ache instead of a tsunami.  I guess in the end we fell together and caught each other. I’m still not used to it and it worries me all the time that it will end badly and we’ll lose the friendship that we’ve cultivated but he’s adamant it won’t and teases that if he’s been able to put up with my moods for this long then he’s certain he’ll survive a good few more years.

That would be my garden, I made a little garden up on the rooftop of my apartment but climbing the fire escape is going to be a problem for a while, I’d actually resigned and thought it would probably die, I’ll have to remember to thank him for saving it.

It’s about time I pack up, sorry for the long email, I sort of started typing and couldn’t get myself to stop.

Speak soon,

Michael walks in sporting a giant grin as I send off the last email.

Michael: It’s home time!
Me: Really? Already?

He nods his head and I instinctively look down at my arm for the time forgetting that I can’t wear a watch at the moment and shake my head. I should add a watch to the cast, I was so bored last night that I took to decorating it, making little spaces here and there so people can sign it, you know, cause that’s what’s supposed to happen when you have a cast. At least I think it’s still the cool thing to do, but either way it’s not a boring blank canvas anymore. Next up is my leg but that might be slightly trickier to get to. I’ll find a way though.

Michael is packing up my stuff and I switch off the laptop and awkwardly “fall” out of bed so that I can help him but he turns to look at me sternly and swats me away so I give a big sigh and make my way over to the wheel chair, no getting out of using it while he’s around. He hoists my art stuff up over his shoulder and hangs my clothing bag on the handles of the wheel chair and then we’re off to check out. I clap my hands excitedly and I’m sure he’s laughing at my child-like enthusiasm, I’ve been here for two weeks already and I’m done, I don’t want to see or visit a hospital for a good while again thank you very much. Well I’ll have to so they can remove my casts but there is no way I want to actually make a stay here again until I have kids. Wait, why am I thinking about kids, I don’t want any. But a little girl with Michael’s dark hair and blue-green eyes would be a sight.

I’m signed out and we make it down to the car, I wish we’d go faster just in case they change their mind and someone comes running out and drags me back inside. I’d go ninja on them and Michael would have to help me hide the body because there is no way anyone is getting me back there. I let out a frustrated sigh at the stupid elevator that’s stopping at every single level because some kid has decided to press every single button before getting off one floor below mine. The little brat. The elevator finally dings and opens up on the right floor and we head to where Michael has parked his car, this is going to be fun, I’m sort of eager to see how he’s going to get my wheel chair onto the back seat of the sports car. He lets the top down and plops it on the back seat as if it weighs nothing then helps me down into the passenger seat, he shrugs off his jacket and puts it around my shoulders before buckling me up like a helpless child and heading around to his seat.

He bypasses my apartment and I look at him quizzically but he just shrugs and carries on driving, the first stop we make I realize he’s brought me to the Mateo’s.

Michael: I thought you might be hungry
Me: You are too good to me.

He leans over and cups my face, sliding his hands into my hair he pulls me closer and kisses me deeply, I reach up to pull him even closer and I feel his breathing increase. He pulls away but stays close, his breath ragged and I can feel him fighting the urge to kiss me again, I wish he would, I wish we could go home right now and follow Iris’s lead on the heavy make out session. And perhaps other things. He eventually sits upright and get’s out, lifting my wheel chair out of the car he assists me in getting into the retched thing and wheels me over to the entrance, I’m skeptical as to how he expects to wheel me up the stairs but then I notice it, a wheel chair ramp. Mama and Papa have gone and built a ramp. The tears start rolling down my cheeks and I can’t stop them.

Once inside all the regulars come and give me a hug, Mama and Papa first in line of course with huge smiles on their faces, there’s a giant banner hanging over the counter that says “welcome home Winter”.


2 thoughts on “chapter 27

  1. I may just have shed a tear. I love reading this story for so many reasons. It’s witty and funny and romantic :) I wait in anticipation for what follows next

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