chapter 29

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Friday passed in a blur of activity with trying to get accommodations sorted out, Michael was adamant I stay with him so he can help out but I declined, I don’t want to have to rely on him and mostly the thought of staying with him scares me a little, as well as I know him and as long as we’ve been friends I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet, not even though it’s just till at least one of the casts come off which the doctor says will be between 4 and 6 weeks. We finally agreed that I would stay in the Mateo’s guest house as it’s downstairs and easily accessible if I need to use the wheel chair, which I’ve been trying to avoid as much as possible but that I have to give in to whenever they are Michael are around and trying to molly coddle me.

All my art stuff was brought down over the weekend and I was able to set up a little work space in the living room area, the little guest house is spacious and I’m grateful for them letting me stay here. My door is right next to the kitchen door which means I have the smell of bread as well as Mama’s constant watchful eye and fretting, she’s continuously bringing me food and asking if there is anything I need. It’s great but my waistline is going to be protesting really soon and of course there’s the fact that I can’t get to boxing at the moment so I have to remember not to gorge on Mama’s delicious food, but it’s so good and when I decline she gives me that look that you can’t say no to. She’s a manipulative and determined old lady that’s for sure.

It’s late Sunday afternoon and I still need to go over the beta copy of Feathers and Fur and make notes for Iris so that I can courier it back to her tomorrow so I plop down and get comfortable is a overstuffed armchair that’s positioned perfectly in the slice of warm sun streaming in through the window. I reach down and pat Frankie on the head, he’s taken to following me around everywhere lately, it’s really cute and comforting but it’s also awkward trying not to step on him or trip over him the whole time. I sit back and sink a little lower into the chair with my sticky notes and pen at the ready, making notes here and there as I read through it. It’s a beautiful book with a wonderful story and knowing the meaning behind it just makes it that much more so. The colours are a little off and I think they could make them a little brighter, but other than that and a few other notes the book seems perfect and ready for print, I’ll mail Iris later to let her know. I’m really excited about this, I wonder if she’s planning on doing a book launch, another think I need to remember to ask her. The warm sun is so nice, I take a deep breath and I close my eyes to soak it up a bit.

I must have dozed off because I wake up when something tickles my nose, I swat it away but it comes back so I crack open an eye to see what the hell it is. It’s Michael standing over me with a feather having a fat laugh as he tries to get me awake. I try reach out and hit him with my cast but he’s too quick and jumps back.

Me: What the hell, you’re not funny Mr.
Michael: You snore, did you know that?
Me: Shut up.

He laughs and holds up a bag with what looks like takeaways and I can feel my stomach grumble in response.

Me: Yay, thank you. I’m starved. What’s the time?

I notice that the sun has set, Michael looks at his watch.

Michael: Eight o’clock already.
Me: Wow, and here I was just closing my eyes for a second.

Michael heads to the little kitchen space and get’s two bowls out of the cupboard dumping the thai food out into them and pouring us each a glass of wine. He awkwardly balances everything in his hands and deposits it on the coffee table while I move myself over to the large sofa. He gets up and brings over two dvd’s holding each of them up for me to decide. I decide to go with the horror movie, they’re usually easier to follow and have fewer subtitles to try and read, he puts it in the machine and walks back to the couch as I switch on the TV. I hungrily scarf down my food, I start to get up to take our bowls to the kitchen but Michael get’s up before I’m even halfway up and grabs the bowls from me. He takes them to the sink and even does the dishes before bringing the bottle of wine with him and topping up our glasses. He sits down next to me and pulls me closer towards him, wraps an arm around me and once he’s comfortable he takes the remote from me and hit’s play while I’m still sitting there against him a little in shock but I quickly get over it and snuggle up closer to him throwing my left arm over his chest and resting my head there as well, he rests his chin on my head and I sneakily breath him in and close my eyes, he smells like tobacco and tea tree, I can feel him chuckle and I blush as I realize I probably wasn’t as stealth as I thought I was being.

We’re about 15 minutes into the movie and I can feel Michael staring at me, I look up and he smiles, he brings his hand up and slides it through my hair, brushing his thumb across my cheeks. He inhales a shaky breath while looking down at my mouth. He gently brings me closer to him and kisses me, asking for permission with his tongue I sigh and let him in; deepening the kiss. He shifts slightly and brings his arm down to my back slightly pushing me back so I’m laying back on the couch with him hovering over me, he smiles and comes down to kiss me again hungrily. I can feel the butterflies in my tummy perk up and all my lady bits jump up and down fist pumping that they’re finally going to get some. I bring my hand up to pull him closer completely forgetting about my cast and whack him solidly in the head. He sits up with lighting speed and clutches the side of his head, I feel so guilty I don’t even know where to look or what to do, I get up and hobble over to the freezer to look for a bag of frozen peas, freezers always have a bag of peas in them, I think it comes standard when you buy a freezer.

He’s laughing like a maniac now and I fear that I’ve gone and concussed the poor soul. He looks up and takes the peas from my hand, I sit down next to him not sure what to do next.

Michael: If you wanted to stop you could have just said so you know.
Me: I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to stop at all.

I turn away and blush. He holds my chin and turns me back to him lightly kissing me.

Michael: I’m just teasing you. That thing really packs a punch.
Me: I really am sorry.
Michael: I know.

He kisses me on the forehead and we get back to watching the movie.


I’ve sent the beta copy of Feathers and Fur back to Iris with all my notes, I decided to include some of the peanut butter and chocolate biscuits that Papa baked for me yesterday, everyone loves them and I just thought I’d return the ‘something sweet’ gesture, I was always told you don’t return a dish empty and I know it’s probably not the same thing but I do it anyway. I quickly log on to my emails, I’m waiting on a response from Flat White Magazine about the illustration worked that they’d advertised, it would be great to get a little work in now that we’ve finished up book one seeing as we haven’t started on book 2 yet and I need to keep busy, particularly now that I’m confined and not as mobile as I usually am, I can’t even climb my tree! Nothing from them yet so I quickly mail back Iris.

To: Iris
From: Winter
Subject: ducks, cats and flying panties

Good morning beautiful friend,

The beta copy is back on its way to you and should be there before this email even gets to you, unless of course you’re sifting through your mails as I hit send in which case you might get this. I’m rambling. I’ll sign a copy for you if you sign a copy for me. And if you sign my copy of T.I.T.S. pretty please.

You’re stuck in a bit of a conundrum there lady, I’m not really sure what I would do in your situation, I’d say tell them, better they know and maybe they’ll even be grateful. You could always sign a copy with something meaningful and give it to them? Maybe that way you can tell them by not telling them and neither of you really have to bring up the subject but you both know what it’s about. You’re the writer, I have confidence that you’ll get this figured out.

I doubt Michael would want to marry after last night, we took a note out of your book and made out on the sofa but as things were getting a little heated I kinda hit him in the head with my cast. Smooth right?

Excitement! What are you going to be cooking? There better be bread involved, I know the perfect little place in the market that has THE perfect bread. You should pop in there, Mateo’s Café, ask for Papa’s ciabatta, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Good luck, no falling asleep this time hey ;)

Have fun,

I close my new laptop, I decided to spoil myself over the weekend; I think the purchase was justified by the fact that my computer is too old to do half the things I need it to do lately. I grab a book and head out into the garden, you can feel spring is on its way, the days are getting warmer. I’m hoping these casts come off before it starts getting too hot though, I can’t imagine them in the heat, they’re already like wearing heaters on my limbs. I find purchase on one of Mama’s lawn chairs and get lost in my book.


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