a weekend away

This weekend was amazeballs, yes I totes just used amazeballs in a sentence. And totes. Deal with it ;)

On Thursday I had clinic day which ended badly and I need to go back again this week which obviously had me slightly furious but it also meant that we could leave for our camping trip sooner. So we packed up the bakkie, mattresses in the back, a little blanket cocoon for fyshness and we were off.

Where to? Well, The Baths in citrusdal! Yup it was a tent and bikini weekend for us, well trunks for the boys obviously. We got there without a hitch, stopping at a little roadside café thing and getting a few goodies (mainly to keep Fysh happy) and then it was the rest of the trip there. It’s quite a distance and a geed 2/3 hours drive but when you drive into the entrance and head into the valley with all the forest you know it’s worth it.

We stopped at reception, paid the R5 I somehow short paid and headed to set up our tent which we did swiftly and I might add… without argument; which is apparently a rather big deal. Yay us!

We were camped right next to the river and a hot water outlet pipe ran underneath the tent so it was like having under floor heating. Plus you can imagine the sound of the river and little waterfalls flowing past us while having the view of treetop canopies above us. As a friend put it – hippy heaven!


They have a huge hot pool that the water pumps into, at first Fysh didn’t even want to climb off the step but by Sunday he was happily missioning around in the area where his feet could still touch the bottom without his head going under. He even got brave enough to “swim like a shark” without his pool noodle! We spent a little time up in the Jacuzzi as well as the natural pools and it was bliss.


Fysh made a whole lot of friends on the Friday evening / Saturday morning so we hardly saw him after that and actually had to pull him away from them for lunch and dinner. After getting some shitty news about my boss only paying in half my salary this month I was knackered from the stress and one of the parents who Fysh was around actually took him to the pool for a swim. Also, I think he may have had his first crush this weekend on a little girl about double his age haha.

We went on a little walk, climbed over a waterfall, sat under trees, boiled water on the fire, ran out of gas, ate cowboy style bangers and beans and just over all had the best weekend. Our camping trips are the marking up to be the most amazing weekends and I’m glad we took Fysh with this time round. I need to thank my person though; he made this trip ten times better.1560602_10152211148562175_1869541932228695863_n


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