And then we were a handful

This week the minion turned a full hand of finger old, yup… He’s 5!!!

Sometimes I forget that he’s so little, on days he tells me to move over because “there’s barely any space” or when he says “it’s prodigious” or “stop pulling my leg”. I forget on the days he puts himself to bed, pours his own juice or puts his own movie on. There are days I forget he’s not yet a grown up but then there are days when I look at him and wonder where the time has gone. Days when I wonder where that mischievous little chubby baby that depended on me for everything went.

He’s 5 now. It’s not big but he’s not little anymore either. He still depends on me for a lot and he always will but he’s finding his own fierce independence. This tiny hatchling went from a premature little thing incapable of anything beyond crying, swallowing and pooping to an independent and inspiring mini human with a vocabulary that can most teenagers of today to shame. He’s funny, kind, forgiving, stubborn as his mother, brave, creative and at that sage where boundaries aren’t just tested, they’re experimented on and sometimes blown up.

I can’t wait to see what kind of human he grows up to be, I can’t wait to see all that he’s capable of.



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