From there to here

We took the train into town from somerset west this morning, it was an hour is so late though which meant epic lateness for work but when you work somewhere that only paid half a salary last month the levels of guilt aren’t all that high.

I’ll admit it’s my first time taking a train in South Africa and I was a little worried but The Person came with so I wouldn’t be too freaked out. The three is us had breakfast and missions off to the station. The train was so late that the one we thought we’d missed was actually the one before the one we were planning on catching. Which was of course also late.

While waiting for the train the boys walked up and down and discussed things like how and why it works, the tracks etc. M patiently explained and answered all the questions Fysh had for him. If a heart could grow mine would be huge just watching these two interact, just the sight of them and the thought of this bond that is forming between them makes me happy and very very scared. They have these “no mom allowed” moments and they disappear into their own world that only boys seem to understand. I know it can’t be easy for M but he takes everything in his stride and handles Fysh better than most parents. He’s up early playing Lego, he tucks him in at night, has this weird way of confusing him into agreeing and for all accounts he looks better at it than I am!IMG_0470.JPG

I’m grateful for this extra person in our life.
He makes us happy.
He makes me happy.



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