chapter 33

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It’s been raining all week and I’ve been moping around inside seeing as these casts stop me from running around in the rain, I may not like it but at least I got a whole lot of work done. But the sun is out today and I got a message from Michael this morning telling me to be ready as he’s coming to fetch me, he refused to tell me where we’re going though so now I’m standing in front of my cupboard wondering what exactly to wear while my little room is littered with clothes. I reach for a little summer dress I forgot I bought, it was on sale and I couldn’t help myself, it’s a pretty little blue and white strapless that still has the tag on it. I look out the window and decide what the hell; if I pair it with a little cardigan it’ll be perfect. I lay it out on top of everything else along with my little daisy cardigan and set to applying just a little make up, my hair is a giant mess of curls but I decide to leave it as is, it’s long enough now for the curls to look like they were made on purpose and I sort of like it.

I’m hobbling around in circles trying to zip up the dress but am failing miserably so I sigh, squish it up against my boobs and make my way to the front door so I can see if Mama is around to zip me up. I peek in at the kitchen door and spot her in the front of the café so I look around for Noah but he must be off on a delivery and I can’t see Papa anywhere. I sneak in to the kitchen, pop my head around the corner into the café and try catch Mama’s attention but by the time I get there she’s moved to help a customer. I hurumph and turn around to head back to the guest house to put on something without a stupid zip but I walk square into something solid, looking up I realize the something solid is Michael and that I’ve squished a bunch of daisies that he was holding. I move my hand to apologise but realize just in time that it’s all that’s holding my dress up. I clear my throat and turn around indicating at the zip, he brushes my curls to the side and zips me up, giving me a pat on the butt when he’s done.

Michael put the top down so I can feel the sun kissing my shoulders as we speed along the mountain side, the wind blowing through my hair and carrying any worries I might have off with it. I look to the left and wonder at the ocean crashing against the cliffside, the sea spraying up high every time a wave hits the rocks. The contrast of the forested mountain on the right and the endless ocean on the left is breath taking. Michael still hasn’t told me where we’re going but now that we’re out here I don’t really care; I tilt my head back, lift my arms up and give a silent whoop as I turn to Michael who is laughing at my childish outburst and I smile back.

We end up moving away from the ocean and driving through vineyards and farmlands, we slow down and take a left at an inconspicuous little road that leads us up to a beautiful stone entrance, the path beyond it is lined with oak trees and it’s a sight to see. We make our way up the path at a subdued pace, watching as the squirrels dart from tree to tree and the leaves rustle as the wind whispers through them. We’re greeted by a big black farm dog who trots alongside the car as we find our way to the main building. There’s a bubbly looking brunette standing waiting at the door sporting an infectious smile, she waves and waits for us as we unwedge my crutches from behind the front seats. I prop a crutch under each arm and look around, the view looks over other farms and even out to the ocean and I want to go explore. Michael introduces the smiling brunette as Sarah and we make our way inside the building where there are a couple glasses and several bottles of wine laid out and paired with some dark chocolate and nougat.


The ocean smells incredible and the cool breeze coming off of it is just enough to keep the sun’s bite at bay. Today has been incredible and if I had a diary I’d write all about it; after our wine tasting and pairing we were graced with a bit of a tour through the vineyards before we packed up and headed back along the winding paths which led us here to a little beach outcrop and cove. Michael had popped open the boot and surprised me by taking out a wonderfully packed picnic basket and a pretty blanket. We’d made our way down to the cove and planted ourselves in the shade just out of the waters reach. Belly sated I lay back with my head on Michaels chest and try make out shapes in the clouds; this is how all Saturday’s should be spent.

I sit up straight and try scrabble backwards as quickly as my awkward movements will let me, we must have fallen asleep and the tide has come in, Michael is still snoring softly and I laugh as I try shake him awake, he swats me away and throws his arm over his eyes, I eye out the water and decide he’ll have to fend for himself then as I quickly pack up the basket and hobble to higher ground with it. It’s not even 5 minutes before a wave large enough to engulf Michaels lower half creeps up the beach and wakes up the sleeping giant. He’s up faster than a ninja and has the most adorable confused look on his face, I can’t help laughing and I’m doubled over clutching my stomach when all off a sudden a wave hits me in the face, I look up and it’s not a wave, it’s Michael, the little shit just threw water at me and is slowly backing up with his hands held up in self defense. I stand up to run after him but completely forget I’m not as mobile as I’d like to be and instead I pull a not so elegant nose dive and plant myself right into the sand. Thank goodness my ribs have mostly healed up. Michael comes to help me up and chuckles while he dusts me off as I make sure my dress is still covering all the right places, he throws the blanket over his arm and picks up the picnic basket, he pulls my good hand up to his lips and kisses it gently before wrapping my arm around his and pointing us in the direction of the car, we make the slow trek back in thoughtful silence.

The ride home is cooler and I pull my jacket a closed a little tighter, I can’t imagine how poor Michael is feeling with that wet lower half of his, there’s a moment where I feel a little guilty but then the sight of him half attacking the wave comes back to me and the guilt is gone, it’s simply too funny. The sky is painted fiery reds and pinks as the sun sets over the ocean and we pull over on a hill overlooking to the city to put the top back up. The lights are beautiful and I’m overwhelmed and feel infinitesimal compared to the sight below me. All those people carrying on with their own lives, doing their own things and dealing with their own problems, it makes the nagging feeling I’ve been carrying around since reading Iris’s letter seem irrelevant and childish. Michael looks at me curiously and I just shrug, we ease back on to the road and head for home.


I am irritable today, irrationally so. I’m so irritable that I’m annoying myself, it’s that bad. It’s hit me out of the blue, well not really, I slept poorly last night, if you could call what I did sleeping at all which is silly if I consider the prelude to said sleep but for some reason I simply couldn’t. That nagging feeling that took hold when I read Iris’s email has gotten a solid grip and there are numerous scenarios running through my mind, none of them are great. I pour another cup of coffee and swallow back a painkiller, this day is getting the better of me and it’s barely even started.

I wish I could hit something.

There’s only one thing that is going to solve this and it’s to irradiate the cause. I sigh, blow my fringe out of my face and pull my laptop out. Let’s just get this over and done with.

To: Iris
From: Winter
Subject: Deep breath

Tell me everything.



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