the #bwb take over @DermalogicaSA

Today , thanks to the #bwb, I did something I’ve never done before and probably would never have done if Heather hadn’t arranged it. We went to the Dermalogica headquarters in Wembley Square for a facemapping! What is a facemapping you ask? (don’t worry, I also had no idea) they map out the different areas of your face and look at each section individually to see how your skin is doing, mine is dehydrated and sensitive, the dehydrated part as I learnt is because I don’t put a moisturizer on after I’ve washed my face.

It was really interesting and we got to do an entire facial on ourselves, working through all the products that had been suggested to us during our facemapping. Unfortunately I had a reaction to the masque and ended up with a rather red and burning face (not their fault) so I was a little weary to try out the rest of the products.

I’m not a make-up wearing person, in fact I was the only person out of at least 20 ladies who wasn’t wearing make-up and didn’t sit afterwards reapplying it. The facial sequence that we went through is what you’re supposed to do daily to look after your skin but ain’t nobody got time for that. Or at least I don’t. I’m a wash my face with soap and water kinda person. But I’ll admit I’ve been using the dermalogica cleansing gel that we got from one of the previous #bwb’s and it really has been a nice wash.
It was a fun morning and I got to meet a whole lot of new people, we have new ladies who have joined the #bwb but being stuck without a car I’ve missed the last two so haven’t been able to socialize with them till now, we also had a lot of guests as this time around we were allowed to bring someone with us.

I’m never going to be a beauty blogger and I have a whole new respect for them, all that time and effort that goes into it. And here my idea of wearing make-up is foundation and mascara when I do wear it. I’m thankful I’m dating someone who is perfectly okay with me not wearing any.

Also, I’ll try my best to remember to put cream on my face after I shower from now on ;)


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