and then it hit the fan. again.

You know how every up has it’s down? 
Well yesterday’s up came with the news that yet again I was only paid half my salary. 


Please tell me how the FUCK they can think that I can survive off of 4k a month? I barely make it through on my full salary. And despite only receiving half my salary last month I still went in to work when I was supposed to, yes i’m that person, though I had to take Fysh with me because I couldn’t pay school fees (yeah…) which means it cost me double the bus fare to get into town. I am tired of being that person. I am tired of finding jobs that think they can do this to me. How sick is it that I am so used to this already that I feel indifferent. I look at my CV and it looks like crap because of exactly this. 

I am tired. So fucking tired. 

So hey, if you want or need any art done (it makes great xmas and birthday gifts) send me an email you’d be doing me a huge favour. 

I’m going to go and cry now. Not that it helps or will magically make anything better but because that’s pretty much all I can do, that and spam out my CV to anyone willing to look at it. And even to those who aren’t. 

Pity party over, you can go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before I assaulted you with my woes.  


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